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Ashley & Emma

Star IconContent creators for kids ages 6-13

Ashley’s love of performing and comedy has allowed her to hone her skills in entertaining and keeping kids engaged. Emma is the duo’s fashion trend setter. In her spare time she loves researching new and affordable beauty products. With Emma’s skills creating aesthetically pleasing looks and sounds, combined with Ashley’s deep understanding of their demographics, they garner over 300 million views a month.

#1 Consumer Product Creator on TikTok and Likee

TikTok: 6.6M Followers
Instagram: 211K Followers
YouTube: 171K Subscribers (Launched in Fall 2019)
Livestreaming Viewers Per Stream: 100K
Monthly Views: 400 Million+

Katie Stauffer Title Background

Katie Stauffer

#2 Mom Influencer in North America

Katie Stauffer

Star IconContent creator for moms - ages 29+

Katie is a busy mom with 5 kids including the twins, Mila & Emma. Her kids age range from 5-17, so parenting kindergarteners and teenagers are two different ballparks. Being a passionate photographer, her kids are always the center of her inspiration. With a love for fashion and pop culture, she dresses her daughters and film skits (w/ her oldest daughter’s assistance) inspired by current events.



Likes: 4.8M
Follows: 5.8M

652k subscribers

Mila & Emma Title Background

Mila & Emma

The sassiest twins on the internet!

Mila & Emma

Star IconContent creators for kids and parents

Mila is just as sassy and adorable as she appears in her videos. Emma is more serious, but curious about everything. They both love fashion and acting. Mila fancies dressing up and making everyone around her smile. Emma enjoys art and does her best work when her imagination can run wild! They’re like peanut butter and jelly, completely separate and different, but when together, they’re the perfect combo.

Social Media:
YouTube: 273k subscribers

Online Coverage:
PopSugar - Twins Dress as Kylie and Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala
ET Online - Will Smith Grants Twins Wish at Aladdin Premiere

TV Segments:
ET - About Mila & Emma’s rise to stardom
KTLA - Mila & Emma with sister Kaitlyn

Family Fun Pack
Family Fun Pack Headline Background

The second highest viewed channel in the WORLD in 2015!!

Star IconContent creator for families & kids

Family Fun Pack is one of the largest and most successful Youtube family channels. Their channel features the adventures of a large family with 6 children. Their videos appeal to a wide range of audiences as they do travel vlogs, challenges, experiences, skits, and more!

Family Fun Pack YouTube Background

Subscribers: 9.2 million
Reach: 60-90 million monthly views
Lifetime Reach: 15 billion views

Star IconContent creator for kids

Always Alyssa

Alyssa is a talented artist. On her channel she does challenges with her brothers, art tutorials, routines, and fun skits!

Alyssa YouTube Background

Subscribers: 765,000
Reach: 9.5 million monthly views
Lifetime Reach: 300 million views

Dude, It’s David

David has a great sense of humor and loves incorporating comedy into his videos with his siblings.

David YouTube Background

Subscribers: 250,000
Reach: 1.4 million monthly views
Lifetime Reach: 57 million views



Soccer Routine in ABC Order - 1.7M views

Twin Time

The twins are funny and athletic. The twins love filming challenges where they compete against one another!

Twins YouTube Background

Subscribers: 340,000
Reach: 2.4 million monthly views
Lifetime Reach: 113 million views

Michael’s Magical Playhouse

Michael loves outerspace & dinos! He enjoys filming videos that feature toys in a skit or in a fun challenge.

Michael YouTube Background

Subscribers: 250,000
Reach: 6 million monthly views
Lifetime Reach: 167 million views

Hevesh5 Logo

The Worlds #1 Domino Artist

Lily Hevesh

Star IconContent creator for kids of all ages

Lily Hevesh sets up thousands of dominoes in intricate arrangements, then knocks them down. She has integrated Domino Art into several collaborations with different types of brands. Watch and see what Domino Art is all about with Hevesh5!


YouTube Creator Award:
#1 Most Subscribed & Viewed Domino Artist

Forbes 30 Under 30:
2020 Lister for Art & Style

Guinness World Record:
Largest Domino Circle Field

American Domino Record:
250,000 Dominoes

Shorty Awards:
2017 Nomination for Artist of the Year

Turkish Domino Record:
300,000 Dominoes

Social Media

Subscribers: 2.7M
Views: 900M
Monthly Impressions: 45M

Followers: 885K
Monthly Reach: 3.3M

Followers: 52K
Monthly Reach: 250K
Monthly Impressions: 726K

Steel Kids Title Background


Steel Kids

Star IconContent creator for kids

Chase is very creative and loves brainstorming new ideas for their videos. Shawn is number driven and loves seeing results and hitting their goals. While Shawn enjoys building projects and Chase enjoys being active outdoors, they both love coming together to create high energy videos.

Steel Kids YouTube Stats Background

YouTube Stats

YouTube Channel
Subscribers: 313K
Views: 128.5M

1.6 million views on average for new videos

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