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Holiday 2018

Holiday 2018 Pet Shop

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Baby Shop

Holiday 2017

Spring 2017

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Scroll through the image gallery to see how the day unfolds. See the the press conference, media attendees, exhibitor displays, sponsorship ideas, and much more.

Videos from our Friends

Our friends at Bratayley, Disney Car Toys, and the Engineering Family provided videos for us to share!


Here is just a small sample of media & YouTube channels that have attended TTPM’s past events.


Scroll through the image gallery for sponsorship ideas. From signage to water bottles, umbrellas, bags, lunch, cupcakes, and more, there are many ways to promote your brand to the media. The TTPM team is open to unique ideas. Contact Donna Moore to discuss options that fit any budget.

Spring Showcase
Metropolitan West
635 W 46th St.
New York City
April 25, 2019












  • One (1) 6' x 10' area

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs



  • One (1) 6' x 18' area

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs




  • One (1) 6' x 8' area

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs



  • One (1) 6' x 12' area

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs

TTPM Baby Shop - Spring 4/26/18



  • One (1) 4' x 8' area

  • One (1) 3' x 6' rectangle table (Upon Request)

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs

TTPM Pet Shop - Holiday 9/28/18



  • One (1) 4' x 8' area

  • One (1) 3' x 6' rectangle table (Upon Request)

  • One (1) white table draping

  • Two (2) chairs

The TTPM Team

Hover for contact information

Jim Silver

Chief Executive Officer/Editor-in-Chief

Bob Glaser

EVP/GM Toys & Baby Products

Laurie Leahey

Senior Editor

Jennifer Lynch

Editorial/Creative Manager

Donna Moore

National Advertising Director

Kim Anthony Jones

Advertising Manager

Maria Colaco

Editor, Baby Gear/Parenting Expert

Tami Sartor Kruchkow

Contributing Editor, Toy Expert


Please contact Donna Moore if you have further questions.

Who attends the TTPM Showcases?

These events are attended by the media. The media is defined as traditional print, radio, and broadcast outlets. It also includes online media and carefully vetted parenting bloggers. Your sales rep can provide a comprehensive media list.

Who has exhibited in the past?

Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Crayola, LEGO, LeapFrog, VTech, Razor, Spin Master, Zing, and many others. Your sales rep can provide a comprehensive list of exhibitors.

When does set up occur? How much time is allotted for set up?

Set up occurs the day before the event. You will have 4.5 hours to set up on that day.

What are the hours of the event?

Spring Showcase: 10am–2pm

Holiday Showcase: 10am–3pm

Can I bring children?

Children are not allowed to accompany exhibitors. Children are only permitted if they are a member of the media or a celebrity spokesperson for a product. Contact your sales rep if you have a special circumstance.

Can animals be part of an exhibit?

Animals may be permitted on a case-by-case basis for companies in the pet industry. Do not just show up with the animal(s). You must have permission from your sales rep.

Can I leave my product there after the show?

Yes, you can leave all products. aNb Media has a partnership with the TIA’s Toy Bank. Representatives from the Toy Bank will be on-site to collect products at the end of the event. This ensures the products make it into the hands of those in need and it’s a write off for your company as well.

Can I ship my product directly to the venue?

Yes, but there is a storage fee. The forms are in your Exhibitor Package.

Do you offer Fed Ex/UPS Pickup?

Yes. Bring your own pre-printed forms. We do not have forms on site.

Can I have more than two chairs placed at my exhibit space?

Yes, but we recommend only two chairs be placed at each exhibit space. The reason is the event gets very busy and crowded. You won’t want your area congested with chairs keeping the media away from your space.

What is appropriate attire for the day?

Business casual is appropriate. Keep in mind that you may be photographed and/or interviewed on camera. Comfortable shoes are also important. You will be on your feet most of the day just as if you were exhibiting at a trade show.

How do I get products placed on the Most Wanted list?

The most important step you can take to get onto the list is to submit your products for editorial review as soon as samples are ready. (Details below on how to submit.) Don’t wait until a week before the event to send in your products.

You cannot buy or influence your way onto the Most Wanted list (or any other editorial lists compiled by TTPM). This list is chosen by the editorial team. The sales team is not part of the process and does not know what products are on the list prior to the event.

How do I submit a product for review?

Please send two samples (if available) to:
Editorial Review
229 W. 28th Street, Suite 401
New York, NY 10001

Along with the sample, the editorial team needs the following emailed with the sample:
Product description with MSRP and recommended ages
Product images (300 dpi)
Date of embargo and/or availability (if applicable)
Please email: