Mystic Moose and WowWee Join Forces To Create Planet Mojo Toys Connected to Blockchain

Planet Mojo, a leading web3 gaming ecosystem, and WowWee, an award winning global toy company with such hits as Fingerlings and Robosapien, have announced a collaboration to create toys and products around the Planet Mojo IP, characters and lore. The toys will bring the physical and virtual worlds together by connecting the real world toys with Planet Mojo’s in-game Digital Collectibles (NFTs).  At its heart, Planet Mojo is a story about nature vs technology set on a mysterious planet with a deep history. Its evolving narrative is told through games, cinematics and other media extensions with visually stunning clan “Champions” and the “Mojos”, who they are committed to protecting. The Mojos are plant based creatures sprouted to protect the planet after a mysterious object strikes the planet, spreading a technological virus across the land and its creatures. 

WowWee Announces New Fingerlings for Summer 2023

Off your finger they love to monkey around, and their new posable tails allow them to sit for more ways to play and display. Each of the 4 new characters now has soft, flocked hair, a unique personality, and 70+ sounds and reactions that bring them to life. These monkeys introduce exciting new features, while staying true to the Friendship @ Your Fingertips promise of the original hit toy that won the 2018 Collectible Toy of the Year and overall Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards.

WowWee Launches MINTiD Dog-E, The One-in-a-Million Robot Dog, at CES 2023

Dog-E was launched at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) by WowWee — a global innovator of robotic toys and consumer entertainment products. Dog-E is a groundbreaking robot dog that is unique to every owner as a result of over a million possible combinations of colorful lights, sounds, and personality traits. Dog-E is a smart, app-connected robot dog with life-like movements, audio sensors to hear sounds, touch sensors on its head, nose and sides of its body, and a POV (persistence of vision) tail that displays icons and messages to communicate. As soon as you turn on Dog-E, your all-white pup comes to life through the minting process, which reveals its unique colors and characteristics. The minting process can begin by petting its head, touching its nose, or playing with it, among a long list of other interactions.

WowWee Launches My Avastars at Retail and Brand New Game Online

WowWee, an innovative and leading toy manufacturer, has launched their ambitious My Avastars product line. Not only that, but the brand new My Avastars online game has now officially gone live, bringing even more dimension to the line of highly customizable toys. With the launch of both digital and physical platforms, My Avastars is shaping to be a big mover for Holiday 2022. The line was selected by TTPM as a Most Wanted item for 2022 in their Imaginative and Roleplay category, and was recently featured in their 2022 Holiday Showcase.

WowWee Releases Media Statement in Response to Roblox Corporation Lawsuit

Wowwee has released a statement on the recent lawsuit filed against them by the Roblox Corporation: “Yesterday evening, WowWee, a family-owned toymaker responsible for the award-winning Fingerlings line, was made aware that Roblox Corporation filed a lawsuit against our company. WowWee believes that Roblox’s allegations are completely meritless and looks forward to vigorously defending its position, product, and brand.

WowWee Multiplies the Magic of the Got2Glow Fairies Brand with New Fairy Finders, Roblox Game, & More

WowWee, a leading manufacturer of innovative consumer entertainment products and the makers of Fingerlings, My Squishy Little Dumplings and more, has announced major expansions to its hit Got2Glow Fairies brand. To celebrate International Fairy Day, WowWee has launched the Got2Glow Baby Fairy Finder, two Got2Glow Fairy Pet Finders, and a Find the Glowing Fairies Roblox game. Building off last year’s success of the Got2Glow Fairy Finders, the hit tech toy that put fairies at kids’ fingertips and topped countless hot toy lists en route to becoming a 2022 TOTY Finalist for Collectible Toy of the Year, these enchanting additions make for even more magical experiences as kids explore and discover more virtual fairies than ever before!

WowWee Launches Next Gen Fashion Doll Franchise Born From the Metaverse, My Avastars

WowWee has entered the fashion doll category with its ground-breaking new toy line: My Avastars. Inspired by kids’ use of avatars to explore, create and express themselves in the metaverse, WowWee partnered with Gamefam, a top publisher on Roblox, in the creation of My Avastars for a doll that enables seamless interactive play in the physical and digital worlds.