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All in the Family: The Zawitz Family

Our feature story highlighting the Zawitz family came to fruition in an unusual way. I had met Nick and knew a bit about the Tangle story of course, but it was Isabelle Hodges, their new team member who also consults on our POP website, who suggested we feature the Zawitz family. Richard shared his thoughts on Tangle’s life-affirming three generation story, and I know you will enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Michael and Mrs Or Longshore Ltd
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All in the Family: The Or Family

I have very much enjoyed getting to know Wai Or over the years, and while I have not had the pleasure of getting to know his parents, I’m sure the apple did not fall far from the tree! Wai is a friend to many all over the world, and thinks out-of-the-box to bring a product to life with a high attention to detail. He’s a well-known collector, and if you’ve been to his Hong Kong offices, you’ve seen his impressive collection of old games displayed on the walls. Just beautiful!  This interview was conducted with Wai’s father, Michael Or.

All in the Family Pressman
All in the Family Features
All in the Family: The Pressman Family

Lynn Pressman was one of the first people I heard about when I entered the toy industry. She absolutely fascinated me. People talked about her business acumen, flair, hats, stunts like bringing an elephant to NY Toy Fair and much more. I met Jim for the first time at the UK Inventor Dinner and he seemed quiet, thoughtful and reserved. Although their styles were different, both were exceedingly successful in growing Pressman Toy during their time at the helm, as was Jack Pressman obviously. Theirs is a great story!

Coster Family
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All in the Family: The Coster Family

Theo and Ora Coster founded Theora Design in Israel in the ’60s. Now their sons Gideon and Boaz, plus Boaz’s wife Aliza, are involved in the family toy and game business. Read Mary Couzin’s interview with the Coster family about their company’s history and the stories behind their most popular products.