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ShopTalk Episode 11: Hasbro’s President of North America Eric Nyman

Hasbro’s President of North America, Eric Nyman, joins this episode of aNb Media’s ShopTalk, to discuss the harm on knockoffs in the toy business, the relaunch of Power Rangers and how the action figure category is now broken into three segments. Additionally we dive into the topic of the continued resurgence of the board game category and the impact sharing on social media channels have in creating a game’s success.

All in the Family Features
All in the Family: The Kohner Family

While the Kohner Bros. may no longer exist, there’s a reason its toys continue to live on today. What started as a wooden bead-making company on the Czech/German border evolved into one of the most well-known toy-making families in history. CHITAG’s Mary Couzin chats with Michael Kohner about his family’s toy history.