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ShopTalk Episode 4: Wicked Cool Toys’ Michael Rinzler
In episode 4 of aNb Media’s ShopTalk, our guest is co-founder and co-president of Wicked Cool Toys, Michael Rinzler. In this episode, Jim Silver and Jennifer Lynch chat with Rinzler about how he got his start in the toy business working under MGA’s Isaac Larian and how the industry can better attract young talent today. He also reflects on Wicked Cool’s own beginnings and the challenges new companies in the…
aNb Media ShopTalk
ShopTalk Episode 2: Mattel’s COO Richard Dickson
In episode 2 of aNb Media’s digital series, ShopTalk, Jim Silver and Jennifer Lynch sit down with Mattel’s COO Richard Dickson to discuss how Mattel is changing overall as a company, the fast-paced  expansion of its entertainment division, and the successes, challenges and changes with products, brands, and strategies.