Partners in Play: Q&A with Richard Gill & Catherine McMillen Gill

Partners in Play-Richard & Catherine

Richard Gill is VP international at PlayMonster and Catherine McMillen Gill is the president of McGill Associates. Catherine and Richard epitomize the title of this new series, Partners in Play.  They have been my dear friends for a long time and are generous, fun-loving, smart, connected, tres chic and more. And, anyone who knows Catherine knows she LOVES taking photos. At the time it can be annoying (sorry, Catherine), but over time one is quite glad she took those photos. She sent me about 20 to choose from for this profile and it was sweet to remember many of the occasions they were taken. Enjoy getting to know them!

-Mary Couzin

Mary Couzin: Who does what? Do you divide the turf, take turns, or is it more like a game of Twister?
Richard and Catherine (center) with Bananagrams’ Rena Nathanson (left) and Martinex’s Jenni Jalava (right)

Richard and Catherine: We both have our strengths and lean on each other throughout our daily activities.  Now that we work separately…the turf has to be divided with an invisible wall between our offices, but that’s no ‘Trouble’! 

Do you keep work at work, or does it follow you home like a Pound Puppy?
Catherine and Richard with the inventor of Operation, John Spinello

Our life is so intertwined, work is home, home is work, colleagues are friends which become family! One big game of Operation!

Is working together a Superpower, or more of a Perplexus?

Mostly a superpower.  Sometimes Batman and Robin…don’t ask which one is which!  When in doubt, we battle it out with a round of Smart 10 or a favorite pack of Top Trumps, which can take less than five seconds!

Do you ever feel shrink-wrapped by too much togetherness?
Partners in Play-Top Trumps
Game Fair with special guest Rory O’Connor, inventor of Rory’s Story Cubes.

Never, quite the opposite; being apart is our worst day ever.  In 12 years, I don’t think we’ve spent more than 12 nights ever apart from one another — and our focus being global, our togetherness has been more nights on planes, in trains, or cars than the average Barbie and Ken!  We jump for joy when we have a few Partners in Play-Richard+Catherinedays between trade show events when we can sneak far away to a remote island.

Ever had a Rock-em, Sock-em issue between you that broke into your Dream House?

None that we can recall — the toy industry has been great to both of us over the years…truly a ‘Game of Life’ (except our car travels with rescued furry feline kids).


This Q&A appeared in the October 2021 issue of TFE Magazine.