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Catching Up With Karen McTier

When cocky test pilot Hal Jordan is given a mystical green ring, he finds himself with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into the Green Lantern Corps, a group tasked with keeping peace within the universe. On June 17, 2011, moviegoers can see how the rest of the Green Lantern story plays out. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern (with Blake Lively, Tim Robbins, and Peter Sarsgaard), Green Lantern is the latest superhero to receive a movie adaptation. In anticipation of the upcoming film, Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) will introduce both classic and film-based licensed product in the months leading up to Green Lantern’s release. Karen McTier, executive vice-president, domestic licensing and worldwide marketing, WBCP, talks about bringing a well-known DC comic book character to licensing.

Laurie Leahey: Green Lantern is a superhero with a large fan base. How does WBCP create a licensing program for such a beloved character?

Karen McTier: WBCP creates programs around DC Comics’ superheroes with the belief that the product offerings must be derived from the qualities and characteristics that define and popularize a given character and property. In the case of Green Lantern, his unique powers allow him to create anything his mind can imagine—and that his willpower can summon. That’s incredibly appealing to kids because it creates so many great options in the world of play. Like Batman, Green Lantern has a repertoire of very cool gadgets (the constructs that he can create with his Power Ring) along with his great suit and iconic logo. He’s really the perfect aspirational hero for boys. And for the young men’s business, Green Lantern the character, as well as the iconic logo, are both at the pinnacle of comic lore, so we are also excited to develop products for that consumer base with our licensees.

L.L.: Who are some of the licensees for the film? What types of product can fans expect to see?

K.M.: Mattel is the master toy licensee for Green Lantern and for the entire DC Comics Universe. In support of the film, Mattel is introducing a comprehensive lineup of products for both kids and adult fans. The multi-category line includes basic and deluxe action figures, figure/vehicles, roleplay, playsets, games, puzzles, and vehicles. Additionally, each action figure comes complete with a Green Lantern ring in order for kids to feel as if they, too, have been “chosen” to be a Green Lantern. The deluxe action figures also have a special feature that allows kids to replicate the elements in the film, and come with accessories that unfold into completely different items for countless hours of play.

Green Lantern is supported by an array of other licensees including Franco, Rubies, Hallmark, Junkfood, Bioworld, Fast Forward, Isaac Morris, Sara Max, and Noble, among many others. Retailers and licensees have an opportunity like none other to leverage the excitement of this brand. We are continuing to seek out new and innovative retail and licensing partners for Green Lantern.

L.L.: Why introduce product before the film hits theaters?

K.M.: Green Lantern is one of the most highly anticipated superhero films to come along in years, and we really want to give fans something to enjoy as they await the release. The Green Lantern comic book series continues to be one of the most popular among fans, which really supports our young men’s business. Additionally, we want to introduce younger fans to the property and generate excitement among casual fans that may have more familiarity with classic DC superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. 

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