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Catching Up With Marc Shinderman

Briarpatch’s newest license is the classic children’s literature brand Madeline, based on the books by Ludwig Bemelmans. Briarpatch created a full line of products based on the 10-book series and will be part of the launch of the 11th book, Madeline at the White House, which will be released in spring 2011. Marc Shinderman, general manager of Briarpatch, talks about what makes Madeline such a strong brand along with key drivers for the Briarpatch Madeline line.

Paul Narula: What makes Madeline a good brand for Briarpatch?

Marc Shinderman: Madeline is a timeless literary property known worldwide. Madeline is the kind of person that little girls aspire to be—brave, loyal, fun, and a true friend. She is also sensitive, responsible, adventurous—and has manners. All the Briarpatch Madeline products feature high-quality imagery and graphics. Each is a mini work of art that is intended to be played with. There is no reading required and all Madeline products feature multiple methods of play. Our games are designed with flexible rules and multiple playing levels. Children’s skills are enhanced and their imaginations and sociability heightened while enjoying the Madeline products.

P.N.: What are some of the key drivers for Briarpatch’s Madeline line?

M.S.: The Madeline in Paris Game, for ages 4 and up, 1–4 players, with no reading required, develops simple decision-making skills, promotes memory and matching ability, visual interpretation, and the social skills of sharing, taking turns, winning, and losing. The Games to Go Madeline Matching Game features artwork from the Madeline books and comes in a beautifully designed ready-to-travel carry bag. The Madeline Card Games, for ages 3 and up, lets kids join in the fun with three classic games to play with distinctive Madeline cards—Go Fish, Snap, and Memory. We also feature three options of puzzle fun for Madeline: Madeline Floor Puzzles with extra large puzzle pieces, an assortment of 63-piece puzzles, and our Puzzle Plus item is packed with Madeline post cards to color, as well as crayons.

P.N.: What are your future plans for the brand?

M.S.: We plan to add more games with unique play patterns. In spring 2011 a new Madeline book will be published, Madeline at The White House, and Briarpatch will be introducing a new game to launch in conjunction with the book’s release. This game and book are sure to be an instant hit with little girls and their moms.

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