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Catching Up With Michelle Minieri

Celebrity brands are still one of the strongest categories in licensing today and companies such as Bradford Licensing are well aware of the draw that the right name can have for the right licensing deal. Bradford Licensing president Michelle Minieri talks with aNb Media about one of Bradford’s newest clients to enter the celebrity licensing category: Denise Richards.

Paul Narula: What is the demographic for the Denise Richards brand?

Michelle Minieri: The Denise Richards brand will cater to the fashion conscious adult woman who is passionate about family, friends, and fulfilling their dreams. Denise wants the brand to communicate an appreciation for all the simpler things in life while still remaining fashion forward.

P.N.: What are the product categories that you are aiming for?

M.M.: The Denise Richards brand will be establishing itself in multiple product categories, with the first launch set as the Denise Richards by Cristophe hair care line featuring bonus celebrity styling tips. Following this, consumers will be able to use Denise’s favorite scents mixed into her Denise perfume line. Rounding out the initial offerings will be apparel, swimwear, and cosmetics.

P.N.: How do you see this brand developing further down the road?

M.M.: Denise’s dedication in building this brand has been warmly welcomed by licensees. The combination of her down-to-earth personality and her infectious enthusiasm is ideal for promoting her brand. With products already in development for the U.S., the future of this brand internationally holds great potential. She is known throughout the world and we will focus on local markets for specific product category launches.