aNb Media News, September 26, 2016

Halloween 2016 Spending to Reach $8.4 Billion

The National Retail Federation (NRF) announced that more than 171 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, spending an average $82.93, up from last year’s $74.34. Total spending is expected to reach $8.4 billion, an all-time high in the history of NRF’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights, which started in 2003. The survey finds that 7 in 10 consumers plan to hand out candy, and nearly half will decorate their home and/or dress in costume. Another 45.5 percent will carve a pumpkin; 34.1 percent will throw/attend a party; 29.7 percent will take children trick or treating. Halloween falls on Monday this year.

Here are some stats for Halloween 2016:

When do consumers shop for Halloween merchandise?

  • 44 percent of celebrants plan to shop during the first two weeks of October
  • 29 percent shopped in September
  • 21.7 percent plan to shop the last two weeks of October
  • 5 percent shopped before September

What are consumers purchasing?

  • 94.3 percent of celebrants plan to purchase candy
  • 70 percent plan to purchase decorations
  • 67 percent plan to purchase costumes for kids and/or pets
  • 35.4 percent plan to purchase greeting cards

Top 10 Children’s Costumes:

  1. Action/Superhero
  2. Princess
  3. Animal (cat, dog, lion, monkey, etc)
  4. Batman character
  5. Star Wars character
  6. Witch/DC Superhero (excluding Batman) this is a tie
  7. Disney Frozen character (Anna, Elsa, Olaf)
  8. Marvel Superhero (excluding Spider-Man)
  9. Zombie
  10. Spider-Man

(This is the first year in 11 years that Princess isn’t the No. 1 kids’ costume choice.)