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NDR and Sesame Workshop Celebrate 50 Years of Sesamstraße in Germany

Sesamstraße kicks off its 50th birthday this month. Since 1973, German broadcaster NDR has been the licensee and co-producer of the beloved children’s show, which was launched in the US four years earlier as Sesame Street. The series was created by the nonprofit educational organization Sesame Workshop. NDR and Sesame Workshop have now been partners for 50 years. Frank Beckmann, NDR Program Director, said, “NDR has cultivated and constantly developed Sesamstraße in Germany for generations of children, and has thus also created a classic of children’s television in Germany with its own stories from the American Sesame Street. Sesamstraße is a children’s program with a public service profile and a long tradition. Entertainment that educates children – pedagogically valuable and hilarious at the same time.”