Entertainment Marketplace: Silly Bandz

They come in different colors and shapes. Girls wear them as bracelets . . . and so do boys. They are Silly Bandz, the latest craze among tweens, teens, and even some adults.

Made of silicone and die-molded in different shapes, Silly Bandz look like a colorful fashion accessory when worn on a kid’s wrist. When taken off, the stretchy bands return to their original shape. With themed Silly Bandz such as Baseball (bat, cap, ball, pitcher, hitter, and plate shapes) and Princess (tiara, shoe, ring, princess, wand, and castle shapes), kids can collect and trade the Silly Bandz that they like and express themselves through an affordable fashion accessory. There are also licensed Silly Bandz, including iCarly, Dora the Explorer, and Justin Bieber, that allow kids to showcase their fandom right on their wrists.

BCP Imports, the company behind the craze, brought Brand Central LLC on board as licensing agent for the brand. Leading licensees include Cra-Z-Art, Mad Engine, Zoo Games, University Games, ESI, Ouchies, and SMMS. Brand Central seeks additional licensees in product categories including fashion accessories, bags and totes, toys, electronics, housewares, domestics, and social expressions. Silly Bandz are a must-have among kids and the licensed product is sure to garner the same reaction.

  • Cra-Z-Art: Silly Bandz Collectors Case


    Cra-Z-Art has developed a full range of toys including an activity maker, a collector’s case for storing Silly Bandz, a bead box, a display stand, collectible dolls, and more.

  • Mad Engine: Silly Bandz Tshirt

    Mad Engine:

    Mad Engine’s Silly Bandz fashion collection includes a full range of apparel featuring Silly Bandz shapes, colors, and themes. Each product includes a pack of Silly Bandz.

  • Zoo Games: Silly Bandz Video Game

    Zoo Games:

    Silly Bandz go digital with an iPhone app and video game from Zoo Games.

  • University Games: Silly Bandz Puzzles

    University Games:

    Currently in development are Silly Bandz games and puzzles that bring the bands to a new dimension through play.

  • Ouchies: Silly Bandz Bandages


    Ouchies has produced colorful Silly Bandz adhesive bandages featuring the colors and shapes of Silly Bandz. Included in each package is a limited-edition Silly Bandz.

  • ESI: Silly Bandz Ear Buds


    ESI produces cell phone accessories and gadgets, including ear buds and iPod Touch cases, for the Silly Bandz brand.