Pachanga: Join the Party

Moths. They are flying beige insects that are attracted to backyard lights in the summertime. Harmless but ugly, everyone tries to avoid having them slip into the house. Now imagine moths as beautiful, colorful creatures—more like butterflies. Each has unique patterns, designs, and colors so beautiful that everyone would want them on clothes, home furnishings, and accessories.

Moths are the very inspiration for the art-based property called Pachanga, which is being licensed by 4Kids Entertainment’s 4sight division. This property is not about “moths.” It is about colors and patterns.

Ecuadorian artist Belen Mena spent five years studying myriad varieties of moths in the Ruta Verde (the Green Route) forests of Ecuador, which are about two hours outside of Quito. She photographed, sketched, observed, and cataloged the styles of countless moths.

4sight has global rights to the property with the exception of Ecuador and certain Latin American countries, which are retained by Mena. She signed a number of licensing deals in those markets prior to her involvement with 4sight. Mena also signed a deal with German book publisher Schmidt Verlag. The book, called Pachanga, which retails for about $250, received numerous awards and accolades from the art and design worlds.

4sight is looking to develop the property for high-end department stores and specialty stores. “We are looking into home furnishings first,” for the U.S. market, says Roz Nowicki, executive vice-president, licensing and marketing, 4Kids Entertainment.

She says that product, featuring the unique patterns, is expected to be out in the spring/summer 2011 timeframe. From there, “then it’s fashion accessories such as scarves, wraps, and textiles,” says Nowicki. Accessories, stationery, and wallpaper are some other categories of interest. 4sight is about to sign deals for mobile content and canvas prints/posters. Meanwhile, the plan in Europe is to start with fashion and then branch into other categories.

Nowicki admits that this type of property featuring patterns and artwork is a departure for 4sight. “We are trying to bolster our properties that are more artistic,” she says. In fact, at this year’s Licensing Show 4sight also presented a Japanese art brand.

While Pachanga has moths at its core, the word actually means “a party.” It’s a specific celebration that includes good food, drinks, vibrant dresses, and dancing. Those attending the party are there to be seen and enjoy being part of the festivities, according to 4sight. Mena chose this name for the property because the colorful designs of each moth look as if they are dressed for a Pachanga.