From the Recession to Technology to Kids’ Wish Lists: A Peek Inside the American Family

aNb Media is working with Kiddie-i-Oh!, a market research and consulting firm specializing in kids and moms. Four times this year, we will visit with three families from three different parts of the country and document the findings in upcoming issues of Toys & Family Entertainment. In the first article, in the March issue, we’ll explore how the recession, along with the rise of technology, has impacted their lives. The March issue is now on our website. Visit page 24 for the full story.

In addition, the KidSay Trend Track Survey asked kids ages 8–11 what was the No. 1 item on your 2010 holiday wish list between $50–$100?

Here are the results:
Toy Item
Tech Item
8 year old boys 41% 45% 14%
8 year old girls 31% 38% 31%
9 year old boys 35% 48% 17%
9 year old girls 19% 35% 46%
10 year old boys 13% 72% 15%
10 year old girls 12% 45% 43%
11 year old boys 23% 65% 12%
11 year old girls 2% 46% 52%

For more information, visit http://www.kidsay.com