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Catching Up With Susan Meek

Precious Moments has begun to expand its brand into a variety of categories looking beyond its roots as a figurine and gift company. It has recently signed a number of deals that bring Precious Moments’ art and characters to the baby care category. Susan Meek, vice-president of licensing for Precious Moments, discusses why the characters can be licensed successfully and looks at the company’s future plans.

Paul Narula: Why is Precious Moments imagery so appealing to licensees today?

Susan Meek: The imagery is sweet and innocent. Each one tells a story and provides a message for the consumer. Each figure tells a different story, but all of them are about the special moments in your life. For example, one could make you recall the first time you saw snow. Another could remind you of the time you asked your wife for her hand in marriage.

P.N.: Precious Moments has recently signed licensing deals with Baby Boom, Sutton & Sons, and Prestige Toy (pictures shown here). What avenues do these deals open for the company?

S.M.: The recent partnerships have helped us round out our baby offerings for customers. Precious Moments is a great match for the baby category because our imagery and characters are so sweet and innocent. We now have a full line of baby products, from apparel to room décor and infant feeding.

P.N.: How have licensing deals such as these helped Precious Moments?

S.M.: Thanks to licensing, we can now go beyond the limits of figurines and giftware. Consumers can enjoy Precious Moments in a number of situations where our brand and imagery fits the activity.

P.N.: What’s coming up for the Precious Moments licensing program?

S.M.: We have a number of new looks and programs that have been performing well in gift categories and that we would like to expand into other product categories. The Forest Fairy line is earth toned and nature-oriented. It features a number of fairy and forest animal characters such as squirrels and rabbits. Love Bugs features Precious Moments-style characters in a variety of bug costumes, ranging from a ladybug to a butterfly. The line uses bright, eye-catching primary colors.