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Catching Up With Liza Abrams

Sakar is a global consumer electronics company. One facet of this multi-tiered business focuses on kid-related products and brands. Liza Abrams, vp of licensing and corporate communications, explains the strategy for some of the latest licenses that the company is working with.

Nancy Lombardi: How is the Gummy Bears property developing for Sakar? This property certainly has a wide reach. Who is the target audience for Sakar’s product line?

Liza Abrams: As everyone looks for something new and different in licensing, candy presents a really fun area where licensees can get creative. Gummy Bears are an iconic candy—whether describing their shape, texture, or appeal. Sakar has captured those elements by creating product that looks and feels just like the candy. There are earbuds, cameras, walkie talkies, and more. Given that Gummy Bears have been around for decades, I don’t think there is any concern about this yummy confection going anywhere. Kids and adults alike respond to the bears. It’s an opportunity for all ages to accessorize with an icon that is both retro and current.

N.L.: What does the Monster High license mean for Sakar? How is this property different from other properties that Sakar has worked with?

L.A.: Sakar is really excited to be a licensee for Mattel’s Monster High. This is the first time we have gotten involved with a property as it was being launched. Working on product development and strategy with Mattel both domestically and internationally has been a great experience. Monster High is unlike any other doll brand on the market. It capitalizes on everything that is popular with girls from the “monster-theme,” to fashion, music, and the drama of high school. Additionally, it was launched as a website and book series (in conjunction with the dolls)—not on TV—and has managed to capture the attention of hard-to-reach tweens across the country. We think it’s a property for the long-term.

N.L.: How will the Thor and Captain America product lines differ from other blockbuster movie product that Sakar has created in the past? What will be new and fresh about this line?

L.A.: Thor and Captain America are classic comic book heroes that have finally come to the big screen thanks to Marvel. We have tried to create a fresh look and to capture the time period and feel of Captain America with some classic items such as a CB Radio walkie talkie in a “distressed” look. Thor’s iconic hammer will be represented in our walkie talkies as well as in other items. Additionally, we have molded character stylus options that are expected to be in all of our DS accessory kits. These are bound to please young gamers and collectors alike.

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