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Harry Potter Magical Capsules Series 3, Douglas Kaleidoscope Bunny, & More New Products

YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules Series 3
YuMe Unlocks the Magic of Harry Potter With Series 3 Magic Capsules

YuMe announces the third series of the fan-favorite collectibles for Wizarding World fans – YuMe Harry Potter Magical Capsules.

After a successful launch in 2020 and an overwhelming response to the series 2 expansion this past spring, series 3 will be available from October across the U.S. and Canada. Shaped to resemble the iconic Hogwarts’ School crest, the Harry Potter Magical Capsules have provided fans with a new way to experience and showcase their passion for the Wizarding World. Inside each capsule are seven surprises, including a character from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, hidden within secret chambers. series 3 includes a new scratch reveal surprise, a water-reveal spell-book, as well as 10 new Wizarding World characters for fans to build and expand their magical universe.

Series 3 consists of new mystery three-inch figures of characters The Weasley Twins, Professor Trelawney, Nymphadora Tonks, Dolores Umbridge, and more. Each $9.99 Magical Capsule includes: one Hogwarts character, one scratch-reveal clue card, one water-reveal spell book, one large accessory, one wand, and two surprise accessories. Shrewd Wizarding World fans will also be eager to spot further surprise and the discovery of a secret ultra-rare character in series 3.

Kinky Curly Rainbow Fun is Ready for Spring at Douglas CompanyDouglas Kaleidoscope Bunny

He is curly cute and pastel rainbow perfect. His name is Kaleidoscope Rainbow Bunny! Plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator, Douglas Company has loads of rainbow treats ready for spring 2022.

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Bunny is 12 inches of floppy, pastel tie-dye, rainbow goodness. This adorable floppy-eared bunny is likely to never be set down. He’s just too cute! His fur is a unique kinky curly texture in the prettiest shades of pastels including pink, yellow, blue, green, and blue. He’s a real statement piece for anyone’s Easter basket.

Equally cute and rainbow sweet are Douglas’ new Rainbow Chicks! Like a cup of rainbow sherbet these chicks are bright hues of yummy colors. Each is just 4 inches standing for a palm full of love. They are the ideal treat for Easter and all year long.

Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Kaleidoscope Bunny and Rainbow Chicks are expected on store shelves in February 2022. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Speedy DocSpeedy Doc: A Hilarious New Question Game from Ultra Pro Entertainment

Speedy Doc is a brand new quick and challenging topic game from Ultra Pro Playroom where a topic is proposed by the all-knowing Doc and each player must find something that matches the topic. However, unpredictability awaits around the corner since Speedy Doc is quick to change the rules at a moment’s notice. Laughter guaranteed — no two rounds are alike making it an entertaining and unique gift for anyone in the family!

At the end of the game, the player with the least zeros wins. Included are more than 500 topics to play with family. For two to 10 players ages 8 and up with a playing time of 15 minutes. MSRP $43 and available on Amazon or Target.