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Rock N’ Rollerskate Dolls, Micro Toy Box, & More New Products

JAKKS Pacific Rock N' Rollerskate
JAKKS Pacific Launches Rock n’ Rollerskate Dolls for Holiday Shoppers

JAKKS Pacific announced a brand-new R/C doll rolling into stores just in time for the holidays. Rock n’ Rollerskate dolls are 10.5-inches tall, made for ages 5+, and come in two styles: Rainbow Riley and Lightning Luna.

Roller skating has taken the world by storm and R/C Rock n’ Rollerskate doll by JAKKS Pacific gives all kids the opportunity to get in on the fun. The remote control is easy to use and can steer and turn the doll into several unique movements. Rainbow Riley and Lightning Luna can go forward, backward, do 360-degree spins and the splits all while the wheels light up in multiple exciting colors. Music is included in the remote control letting kids toggle through two different songs while skating the doll around.

Rock n’ Rollerskate Dolls can be found at retail now for $39.99.

Super Impulse Proves No One Thinks Smaller with Micro Toy Box

Super Impulse Micro Toy Box

Super Impulse continues to show they are the experts at combining classic toys with popular trends. With the success of Wacky Packages Minis and the popular World’s Smallest product lines, Super Impulse is going even smaller. Introducing Micro Toy Box, an exciting new way to collect tiny toy favorites. Micro Toy Box is a new line of miniature collectibles featuring the greatest toys of all time that fit in the palm of your hand.

Launching now at Target, Micro Toy Box brings iconic, multi-generational toys with the red-hot trend of must-have miniature collectibles. Consumers can now unveil Toy Hall of Fame classics, licensed from Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master, and more featuring their top brands, including Nerf, Barbie, Monopoly, Hot Wheels, Transformers, and Rubik’s in Series 1 of this collection.

Series 1 features 50 miniatures including six Rare and two Scarce finds. Each blind box includes five mini toys, one mini sticker, and a checklist. The toy sizes are only .75 to .25 inches. The transparent lid reveals one of the miniatures. Once opened, the package transforms into a storage toy box for kids to display their collection.

Micro Toy Box is available now at Target, Amazon, Big Lots, and Meijer for $6.99 and is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Play-Doh Grown Ups Throws it Back with ’90s Edition Play-Doh Grown Up Scents '90s Edition

Think the ’90s are over? Like, as if! Hasbro’s totally brought back the best of the decade in this hilariously giftable 6-pack of scented adult Play-Doh compound. Think of it like a satisfying alternative to adult coloring books, but with strongly nostalgic smells and a soft, squishable texture. From white elephant gifts, to funny gag gifts, to tactile desk toys, Play-Doh Grown Up Scents ’90s Edition is a great throwback to the days of grunge, boy bands, and your favorite flicks on VHS. Play-Doh Grown UP Scents ’90s Edition includes 6.4 oz. cans of scented compound in Eau De Boy Band, VHS Rental ‘N Chill, Pump Up the Jamz, Dial Up Delight, Mall Food Court, and Flannel Fresh. Available on Amazon.

Osmo Food TruckOsmo’s Fifth Title in Math Wizard Series — Fantastic Food Truck — Teaches Kids Geometry Through Cooking With Shapes For Delicious After-School Fun

Osmo’s curriculum-based Math Wizard series is launching a fifth title, called Fantastic Food Truck, where kids learn geometry through cooking with shapes. The fresh, hands-on content helps build first and second grade math skills through magical, adventure-driven games set in a fantasy world, empowering kids to exercise creativity and imagination.

Osmo’s Math Wizard series is intended for kids 6-8 years (grades 1-2), and perfect for after-school and remote learning at home. Extremely comprehensive and curriculum-based in its focus on math, the first two titles cover the foundations of addition and subtraction, and introduce students to measurement standards, while the third and fourth titles lay the foundations for multiplication and division, adding more than two numbers, understanding how equations are formed, and addition and subtraction fluency; and the fifth title focuses on teaching geometry. Families can start a child’s education by purchasing any title within the series.

In Fantastic Food Truck, players become chefs who customize dishes using several available kitchen appliances, while unique customers appear in various stages across Spellbarow Port, each with different food preferences and a variety of dish requests — from pizza to sushi, sandwiches, pastries and more. Fantastic Food Truck features two games and the box contains: one playmat, one food truck manual, and 58 Geometric tiles. Available for iPad and Fire; retail $59.99 at and Amazon.

The two games contained within are Food Truck, where kids learn to cook using geometric shapes; and Carnival Crew, in which kids pack boxes with various shapes and are challenged to fit all of the shapes and sizes into the box. Carnival Crew is Osmo’s first digital-only game, which allows kids to play while on the road without using game pieces, making it extremely convenient for families to travel with this game.

In both games, kids will learn to recognize and draw shapes, compose two-dimensional shapes, and identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes.