aNb Media News, July 27, 2010

Saban Gives MarVista International Power Rangers TV Rights

Saban Brands, a subsidiary of Saban Capital Group, Inc., selected MarVista Entertainment to represent the international television rights for the company’s Power Rangers series. Already lining up partners worldwide, MarVista Entertainment will be handling global sales for the entire Power Rangers library, which includes more than 700 episodes produced over 17 years, as well as 20 new episodes for the upcoming 18th season slated to debut on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in 2011. The property will be available and showcased at MIPCOM in October.

Bratz Battle Continues

The next chapter in the Bratz battle is about to unfold. On the heels of last week’s news, which could mean a retrial of the case pitting Mattel vs. MGA Entertainment, for ownership of the brand, both companies issued statements about the recent ruling.

A statement issued by Mattel at the end of last week said, “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that some aspects of the first phase of Mattel’s case against MGA will be the subject of further proceedings in the trial court, including a retrial on certain issues previously resolved in Mattel’s favor. We look forward to a full trial on all of Mattel’s claims against MGA. We believe that such a trial will present a comprehensive and even more compelling case for Mattel than was possible with a divided trial. We have great confidence in the judicial system and the ability of a jury to right the wrongs that Mattel has suffered,” the statement concluded.

MGA Entertainment also offered a statement on the ruling. “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that MGA is the owner of Bratz—not Mattel. MGA is deeply grateful to the Court for confirming, in the words of founder Isaac Larian, ‘that the American dream lives.’ Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, speaking on behalf of a unanimous panel including Kim M. Wardlaw and Stephen S. Trott for the Ninth Circuit, endorsed all of the arguments that MGA has been advancing throughout the litigation, and found that it is not equitable to transfer this billion dollar brand—the value of which is overwhelmingly the result of MGA’s legitimate efforts—to Mattel,” according to the statement from MGA.

MGA’s statement added that, “in handing MGA a sweeping victory with its 24 page opinion, the Court upheld the rule of law, finding that because several of the errors we have identified appeared in the jury instructions, it’s likely that a significant portion—if not all—of the jury verdict and damage award should be vacated,” said MGA’s statement.

Heal the Gulf. . . by Purchasing a T-shirt

Because nothing officially happens in the U.S. until it’s commemorated on a T-shirt, Mighty Fine is introducing a line of T-shirts with the tagline, “Heal the Gulf.” From its Mighty Fine Inspires line, the proceeds from the collection will be donated quarterly to the organization that most successfully contributes to the aid of the BP Oil spill disaster.

The organization that “successfully contributes to the aid” has not been confirmed by Mighty Fine. No word yet on how much will be donated or for how long from these “quarterly proceeds.” Mighty Fine has just begun selling the T-shirts to retailers. It is now available on their website for $20.