aNb Media News, December 10, 2013

Holiday Shoppers Want 70 Percent Off; Walmart a Top Shopping Destination

Some shoppers took advantage of early holiday deals this season. According to the Christmas & Holiday Shopping Forecast released by America’s Research Group and Inmar, more consumers report they have already finished their holiday shopping than any time in the past 10 years. Reportedly, 30.8 percent say they are completely or 90 percent done with their shopping. Here’s a snapshot of results from this weekend’s survey:

Record Number of Consumers Completed All Shopping or 90% Are Finished Shopping
30.8% (2013)
25.3% (2008)

Consumers who are waiting for last minute deals want 60% or 70% off—50% no longer enough
45.3% holding out for 70% off
31.6% holding out for 60% off
19.9% holding out for 50% off

Walmart No. 1 Go-To Brick-and-Mortar Store
35.7% (2013)
32% (2012)

Walmart Toy Market Share
52.5% (2013)
41.9% (2012)

Target Shopping Up
40.9% (2013)
34.8% (2012)

Mall Shopping Down
24.2% (2013)
28.5% (2012)

Apparel Shopping Up
47% (2013)
38.8% (2012)

Toy Shopping Up
54.4% (2013)
46.1% (2012)

Video Games Sales Down
22% (2013)
26.1% (2012)

(The ARG/Inmar research consisted of 1,000 telephone interviews conducted December 6–8, 2013, at ARG headquarters in Charleston, SC. The error factor is plus or minus 3.8%.)

Online Sales Skyrocket

More consumers are shopping from the comfort of their homes this holiday season. The IBM Holiday Benchmark Survey reported that Cyber Monday wrapped up with a 20.6 percent growth in online retail sales over 2012. It remains the biggest online shopping day of the year. In a separate survey from Adobe Digital Index (ADI), a record $2.29 billion was spent on Cyber Monday.

ADI release the following results:
• Online sales for the five days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday broke all previous records.
• $961 mil­lion was spent at web-only retailers vs. $801 mil­lion with brick-and-click retailers.
• Cyber Monday sales peaked between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET, with sales in that hour alone totaling $150 million.

Highlights of IBM’s findings:
• Average online order was $128.77 down one percent year-over-year.
• New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta were the top-five cities for cyber sales with New York in the top spot.
• Mobile traffic grew to 31.7 percent of all online traffic.
• Smartphones drove 19.7 percent of all online traffic for browsing compared to tablets (11.5 percent). But tablets drew 11.7 percent of all online sales, more than double that of smartphones (5.5 percent).
• Tablet users spent $126.30 per order compared with $106.49 for smartphone users.
• iOs users spent $120.29 per order. Android users spent $106.70.

Outfit 7 Seeks Idea Submissions

Outfit7, the entertainment company responsible for the global app Talking Tom and Friends, announced that it is taking idea submissions from the professional creative industry for the first time. The company has launched an ideas submission page on its website (