aNb Media News, August 4, 2015

Counterfeit Shopkins Toys Seized in China

Moose Toys announced that it took aggressive action on July 27, 2015, to protect its Shopkins brand.  Together with local police, Moose’s agents raided two Chinese manufacturers located in Yiwu, China. Collectively more than 150,000 counterfeit Shopkins toys were seized by local police. Moose says it is now assisting the local police in launching a criminal action. This raid is the result of a months-long investigation undertaken by Moose and its anti-counterfeit & intellectual property USA legal team at Epstein Drangel, LLP.

“Shopkins is a global phenomenon with a passionate fan base,” said Paul Solomon, co-CEO of Moose, in a statement. “It is critical that we cease any counterfeit activity so that Shopkins fans can be certain they are buying the genuine product. Any business, from manufacturer through to retailer, found to be importing, distributing, or selling of counterfeit Moose-branded products will be aggressively pursued with every legal means necessary.”

RedwoodVentures Files Suit Against Tech 4 Kids, Irwin Toys; Companies Respond

RedwoodVentures, Ltd., announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas against Irwin Toys, Ltd. and Tech 4 Kids, Ltd. and their affiliates. The suit seeks to prevent the continuing infringement and use of copyrighted works, materials, and trademarks for IDO3D, a 3-D drawing system for kids. RedwoodVentures says IDO3D enables kids to draw in 3-D using a unique 3-D drawing process.

The suit alleges that after RedwoodVentures, Ltd.’s first exhibition of IDO3D in October 2014, the defendants copied certain key elements of the IDO3D brand’s trade dress, packaging, and copyrighted materials to promote their own line of toys. RedwoodVentures, Ltd. says it seeks a swift resolution of the case to prevent the defendants from violating its copyrights, materials, and trademarks.

“Our retailer and distributor partners, along with consumers, have come to expect leading-edge user experiences through our brands,” said Andy Wiseman, CEO of RedwoodVentures, Ltd, in a statement. “It’s our responsibility to ensure that no consumer confusion exists between our quality brands and other products, and that’s why we’re filing suit.”

Tech 4 Kids, Inc., and Irwin Rx, Ltd., announced that together they will defend and prosecute the allegations in, what they believe to be, a baseless lawsuit filed by RedwoodVentures, Ltd. Tech 4 Kids and Irwin Rx, Ltd. say they are the creators of the 3D Magic 3D Maker line of children’s activity toys.

“In recent years the maker movement and 3-D printing have become very hot and there is a desire among parents to find low-cost, safe, and simple ways to introduce kids to this popular activity,” said Brad Pedersen, president and CEO of Tech 4 Kids, in a statement. “Tech 4 Kids is known for innovation, creativity, and being respectful of intellectual property rights. These types of allegations are a first for us, and we are confident that Redwood’s claims are disingenuous and have no basis in law or fact. We believe Redwood’s claims are a form of ‘scare tactics’ to try and interfere with the 3D Magic 3D Maker distribution and marketing.”

Tech 4 Kids and Irwin Rx, Ltd. have confirmed the 3D Magic 3D Maker and accompanying accessories will continue to be supplied uninterrupted to the market. “Our product is shipping; the marketing is now in full roll-out, and our customer service is being inundated with customer inquiries,” said Pedersen. “Many industry experts have already picked the 3D Magic 3D Maker to be one of the most sought after children’s activity toys in the coming holiday season and we are ramping our production to meet the anticipated demand.”

UNIQLO Launches Disney Magic for All

UNIQLO announced Magic for All, a global collaboration with Disney Consumer Products. The initiative will feature core Disney properties along with Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar to everyday UNIQLO LifeWear fashions as well as introducing new products, pop-up displays, and in-store and online customer experiences.

The UNIQLO relationship with Disney Consumer Products began in 2009, when the company says it launched its first collection of UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) featuring Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, to customers worldwide. Through Magic for All, UNIQLO will extend its collaboration beyond the UT and sweat parka lines and introduce new LifeWear items beginning this fall. Products will range from Ultra Light Down, Fleece, and flannel shirts to umbrellas, plush toys, and other offerings featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and then expand to include characters from Star Wars, Toy Story, Avengers, and Frozen.

Consumers will be introduced to Magic for All at D23 Expo, The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, which will take place in Anaheim, Calif., August 14–16. UNIQLO will have a pop-up store and unveil its first range of products.

Shoppers will be able to experience Magic for All during the launch of a concept store in Shanghai at the end of September. Currently under construction, it will occupy the fifth floor of the five story UNIQLO Shanghai Global Flagship Store, which is UNIQLO’s largest worldwide. Global flagship and large-format stores around the world will also offer Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars-themed products through newly created Magic for All sections.

Create-A-Bratz on

MGA Entertainment announced that its fashion doll franchise Bratz is hitting Target stores and with a new line of products, apparel, and accessories. In addition to the four classic Bratz doll characters, Target shoppers are invited to customize their own doll through the Create-A-Bratz experience on To complement the doll assortment, Target will also carry an exclusive apparel and accessories collection for girls in sizes XS (4–6) to XL (14–16).

The Create-A-Bratz experience on puts the design into the hands of Target shoppers. Create custom versions of the dolls with more than three million combinations of hair, skin, and eye colors along with clothing and accessories options.

Wishenpoof Launches on

Amazon announced it will premiere all 13 episodes of the Amazon original series Wishenpoof on Friday, August 14 for Amazon Prime members in the U.S., UK, and Germany. Created by Angela C. Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Creative Galaxy, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why!), and produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises, Wishenpoof is an animated preschool series that revolves around Bianca as she solves life’s problems in her own creative ways because with magic, or without, we all have the power to make good choices. Wishenpoof is executive produced by Santomero, Samantha Freeman (Super Why!, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Creative Galaxy), Wendy Harris (Blue’s Clues, Super Why!, Creative Galaxy), Steven DeNure (Hank Zipzer), and Anne Loi (Chop Socky Chooks).

The series also features guest vocal talent Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills, 90210) as Bianca’s father, and Priestley’s daughter Ava as Laurel. Hope Cassandra performs 13 ballads as the singing voice of Bianca.

Winx Club on Nick Jr.Winx Club

Winx Club began airing again in the U.S. yesterday on Nick Jr. Winx Club follows the adventures of a group of young fairies and combines action and adventure with comedy. Winx Club season 7 will also be rolling out on Nickelodeon channels internationally beginning this summer.

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