aNb Media News, December 17, 2015

Bravo Sports Acquires Pro-Tec

Bravo Sports Corp., a manufacturer of recreational and sporting goods products such as kids’ scooters and skateboards, announced the acquisition of Pro-Tec, the action sports protective gear brand founded in 1973.

“Since we acquired Bravo Sports in June 2015, we have been excited to grow the company and move it into the future with a diverse product offering, while still speaking to the customers,” said Russ Roenick, managing director of Transom Capital. “With Pro-Tec as the first major acquisition since we’ve been at the helm of Bravo Sports, we can offer our customers protection from a name that’s trusted all over the world.”

Joining other Bravo Sports action sports brands, SixSixOne and ONE Industries, Pro-Tec will be moving day-to-day operations to Bravo Sports’ South Orange County campus from its headquarters in San Diego.

FAA Publishes Interim Rules on Drone Registration

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is reporting that The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), “has published an interim rule regarding a new online user registration system for recreational drones and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The FAA will seek public comments before issuing a final rule.

Under the interim rule, any individual who purchases a UAS weighing between 250g and 55 lbs before December 21, 2015, must register their product by February 19, 2016. Those who purchase a UAS after December 21 are required to register their aircraft before first flight. Due to the lightweight nature of most toy drones, the majority of toy drone users are exempt from the interim rule’s registration requirement. However, users of toy drones exceeding the weight limit require registration.”

The FAA created an FAQ page, which is here.

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