aNb Media News, March 1, 2016

Yvolution Wins Patent Infringement Case Halting Copies

Yvolution, the global supplier of the Y Fliker Scooter, announced that it has won a victory in China to protect its patent and IP rights. In 2015, Yvolution commenced legal action in China against a number of companies manufacturing copies of the Y Fliker in various Chinese locations. In advance of a decisive ruling in its favor, Yvolution came to an agreement in February with infringers Yilien and Aodi separately to cease production and supply and to pay compensation to Yvolution. The action was undertaken by Yvolution in order to make a strong statement about the protection of its Intellectual Property rights.

“We are happy that the court system in China has been so supportive of our desire to protect our patent rights,” said Fintan McDonald, CEO, in a statement. “We would like to thank Hogan Lovells [a legal firm for IP protection in Asia] for their contribution to this on-going fight against infringers. We are continuing to work with Hogan Lovells to enforce the seizure of copies of our products from factories and ports.”

Yvolution is investing heavily in stopping copies of its products, and is actively implementing a cease-and-desist policy on a global basis.

“Working with our international legal team, we will prosecute any organization that manufacturers, distributes, or sells copies of our products, regardless of size or jurisdiction,” McDonald said. “This is only the start of the process for us, and we intend to actively pursue all legal avenues in order to protect our IP rights globally.”

Yvolution, established in 2010, is a global manufacturer and distributor of wheeled toys with a market presence in over 50 countries.

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