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TIA Seeks Industry Input on Impact of Hanjin Bankruptcy

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) posted to its website that it recently participated in a roundtable discussion with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker; the Port Directors of Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey; and other stakeholders to discuss the recent collapse of Hanjin Shipping—the world’s seventh-largest container shipping company—and its impact on toy companies leading up to the critical holiday shopping season.

During the call, Secretary Pritzker relayed that the Department of Commerce (DOC) is seeking industry input on the short-, medium- and long-term economic impact of the bankruptcy to better assess the situation and keep cargo moving. TIA members and industry stakeholders are encouraged to provide TIA’s Rebecca Mond with information about the bankruptcy’s impact on their companies.

Specifically, the DOC would like to know:

  • What percentage of your cargo is impacted?
  • What percentage of your cargo is impacted by “through bills” (contractual agreements with shipping lines that move cargo through the ports) and how is your company handling this cargo?
  • What is the expected impact of this issue on holiday sales?
  • What is the macro impact of this issue?
  • Please state if the issue not expected to impact your company
  • Any other comments? (e.g. is cargo being delayed in other ports?)

The DOC stated that they are in regular contact with the South Korean government to ensure that Hanjin will honor contractual obligations to deliver cargo to the final destination, rather than simply offloading cargo from their ships. The DOC is also coordinating with the Federal Maritime Commission, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other government agencies to streamline cargo processing and minimize impact on U.S. enterprises, according to the statement issued by TIA.

During the call, Port of Los Angeles officials shared that a Hanjin ship that recently docked in Long Beach was seized by U.S. Marshals Service officers and 45,000–50,000 containers are currently at bay and not moving. Additionally, about eight percent of their chassis fleet is being tied up due to empty Hanjin containers that cannot be returned and won’t be accepted by terminals.

Last Friday, bankruptcy court decisions in South Korea and New Jersey gave the Port of Long Beach enough assurance to unload the Hanjin Greece, which had been at sea since August 21. According to an official from the Port of Los Angeles, the Hanjin Boston and Montevideo vessels remain at anchor on the West Coast and do not yet have orders to move. On the East Coast, plans remain unclear for the two Hanjin ships waiting at the ports of New York-New Jersey and Savannah.

TIA said it has urged the DOC to continue their conversations with the South Korean government and has asked the ports to keep cargo moving while also minimizing fees assessed to shippers. TIA expects to receive an update from the DOC in the coming days, and will keep members apprised of any developments on this matter.

Impact information and questions about this issue may be directed to TIA’s Rebecca Mond, senior director of federal government affairs.

Enesco Streamlines Divisions into Groups

Enesco, LLC announced new, retailer-focused strategies and innovations designed to improve sell through, velocity, and profitability for channel partners. These improvements are evolving and result from new management’s emphasis on strengthening strategic partnerships with retailers.

To facilitate these new strategies, Enesco has formed three customer-facing product and retailer support groups effective immediately. The three groups, Everyday Toys and Gifts, Department 56 Village, and Seasonal Gifts align with the way Enesco’s retailers tell Enesco they serve consumer customers.

The Everyday Toys and Gifts Group combines Gund and Baby Gund plush brands, including Pusheen and Boo the World’s Cutest Dog, with home décor and gift brands such as Designs by Lolita, Walt Disney Archives, Disney Showcase, Disney by Britto, and Our Name is Mud.

The second group, Department 56 Village includes The Dickens’ Village Series, Christmas in the City, and Original Snow Village.

Finally, the Seasonal Gifts Group combines all of the Enesco brands that enhance the holiday experience, including Jim Shore Heartwood Creek, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Snowpinions, and Possible Dreams.

“Over the next several months, in connection with our 2017 new product launches, each of our three product and retailer support groups will announce new programs designed to meet the unique needs of channel partners,” said Todd Mavis, CEO of Enesco. “These programs may include new merchandising support, cooperative advertising, direct import, just-in-time buying, and sell through and replenishment service level agreements, among other new programs, depending on each combination of product and retail channel. We are confident that our products and support services will continue to help make our customers more successful and profitable.”

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ASTRA Certifies 28 New Play Experts

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) announced that 28 specialty toy retailers, sales representatives, and manufacturers successfully earned the ASTRA Certifies Play Expert (CPE) credential during ASTRA’s first in-person certification workshop in Chicago.

The CPE Workshop provides networking opportunities, dynamic discussions, and hand-on activities to further support the message of the value of play. In addition, ASTRA offers an online course with 10 modules, followed by a test to confirm the candidate’s learning. It can be completed at the candidate’s pace.

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