Licensing Industry Professionals Form New Company, BG&VR

BG&VR licensing

C. Woodrow “Woody” Browne, Alan Gordon, and Peter Van Raalte have formed Browne, Gordon, and Van Raalte (BG&VR) to provide analysis, strategic planning, and go-to-market solutions for new and established manufacturers, licensors, agencies, and licensees.

Together, the three executives bring experience with products including toys, apparel, sporting goods, juvenile products, electronics, accessories, and more. They have worked with entertainment, corporate, sports brands, and publishing properties including Arm & Hammer, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Harley Davidson, Jeep and Chrysler, Marvel, Madison Square Garden, MLB, NFL, NHL, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, and more.

“There is not a problem or issue that one of us has not confronted,” said Browne. “We have been on the ground floor and taken products from concept to market. We have seen property and product development from all angles, as manufacturers, licensors, licensees, agents, and retailers. We have managed licensing departments for major brands, acquired licenses, sourced, manufactured and sold licensed product to all retail channels. We know how to make success happen.”

BG&VR will attend New York Toy Fair for client meetings and at the Licensing Expo in May 2020.