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Thinkway Named Master Toy Partner for Moonbug’s Preschool Property Morphle


Thinkway Toys and global children’s entertainment company Moonbug announced a new partnership, making Thinkway the global master toy partner in a wide-reaching agreement for the preschool property Morphle

A company that receives more than two billion average monthly views, Moonbug is responsible for creating content for children between the ages of 1 and 8 years old. Its latest digital IP Morphle has become a favorite of children aged 2 to 5 years old, with 180 episodes produced and distributed in six different languages. The story-led series encourages curiosity, imagination, and kindness amongst its audience, along with a playfulness that Thinkway and Moonbug are eager to expand upon in new toy lines set to launch in 2020.

“This is a really important moment in Morphle and Moonbug,” said René Rechtman, co-founder and CEO of Moonbug. “Collaborating with a great partner like Thinkway to ‘morph’ the magic of the series into imaginative new toy lines is sure to delight our young fans, and further champion the success of digital-first entertainment franchises.”

“We are excited to be partnering up with Moonbug over this unique digital IP,” said Albert Chan, CEO of Thinkway Toys. “It’s not everyday that we come across a digital IP that is able to speak to any gender on so many diverse markets, which makes Morphle extra special.”

Born on YouTube in late 2011, Morphle is now distributed on digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple TV. In Q4 of 2019, more than 20 million American households watched at least one episode of Morphle weekly.

“The stats speak for themselves,” said Chan. “We are onto something big with Morphle and are looking forward to doing some really cool stuff with Moonbug— the future for this magical red creature is looking bright.” 

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