MMG Brands Aids Global Pandemic, Diverts Resources, Expertise Into PPE Products

MMG Brands

MMG Brands, known for designing and manufacturing an array of fast-moving consumer goods, is responding to the need for personal protection equipment (PPE) created by the current health crisis.

The company reallocated its resources and expertise away from its typical offering of trend products, plush and décor items to focus on sourcing and manufacturing N95 masks, with nitrile gloves, hospital gowns and more to follow soon. MMG’s goal is to help alleviate the current massive shortage crippling healthcare, front line workers and government agencies as they battle the COVID-19 virus.

“As a nimble company we are able to shift production quickly, and that’s what we’ve done to address a crushing need.” said Sean Price, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer for MMG Brands. “We are at war with this virus. Historically, American companies transition from producing consumer goods to producing much needed supplies for war efforts. MMG Brands is doing its part to make a difference during these uncertain circumstances.”

MMG Brand’s existing relationships with factories in Vietnam, India and China is key in this fast-moving effort. The company is working with state and federal government entities to place these much-needed supplies into the waiting hands of workers as soon as they arrive. The first shipment of FDA approved N95 masks have arrived and are beginning distribution, meanwhile MMG Brands is ramping up production for other PPE supplies.