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Disney+ Hotstar Orders 234 episodes of Cosmos-Maya’s Selfie With Bajrangi

Selfie With Bajrangi

India’s Disney+ Hotstar commissions 234 episodes of Cosmos-Maya’s hit animated series Selfie With Bajrangi. This multi-season deal will see Cosmos-Maya produce three series of 78 x 11’ episodes for Disney+ Hotstar which has 400 million viewers, eight million paying subscribers, and additional library content from Disney+.

Selfie With Bajrangi has been running on Disney India’s Pay TV properties since September 2018. It is one of Disney India’s most popular shows and is aired daily on primetime slots of India’s Disney Channel and Disney Hungama. It also became the first Indian animated kids’ series featured on a leading general entertainment channel through Star Plus.

Selfie With Bajrangi’s launch on Disney+ Hotstar occurs not long after Disney+’s launch in India. It is being aired in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

“Bajrangi has brought together Disney+ Hotstar and Cosmos-Maya for a multi-season contract and we couldn’t be more excited. An unheard of 234 half-hours of the show spread across three seasons will be aired on Disney+ Hotstar, with Season 2 already live on the platform. This is the first highly popular kids’ domestic series that they have onboarded with a two-year vision to further increase its popularity. Selfie With Bajrangi has the ability to speak to audiences with its novel, yet relatable storytelling. It brings to the fore a very important message: that friendships built in the face of adversity last a lifetime,” says Anish Mehta, CEO Cosmos-Maya on the development.

Selfie With Bajrangi is modeled on kids’ day to day lives and beautifully captures the nuances of Indian culture with relatable storylines. In the show, the protagonist Ankush’s life changes when he meets Bajrangi, the nine-year-old child version of the Indian God Hanuman in a contemporary setting, who no one but Ankush can see. Bajrangi accompanies Ankush everywhere and helps his buddy with his day to day problems. Together, they face the adversities life throws at them, in the process helping entertain and comfort the millions of kids who watch the show.