Micro Kickboard Celebrates National Scooter Day

On May 19, Micro Kickboard is celebrating as the official hosts of the 6th Annual National Scooter Day with a 50-Scooter Giveaway. Micro Kickboard is the U.S. Distributor for Micro-Mobility of Switzerland, with offices in Michigan and California.
Whether it’s a ride around the block, a socially distant commute, or a cruise through the neighborhood, Micro invites all scooter riders to celebrate the benefits of scooting — from getting fresh air and exercise to spending family time together, all with the bonus of reducing our carbon footprint. 
Scooting on Micro has increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people are looking to stay active at home and spend quality time together, but also in recent years as people look for quality, alternative transportation options. 
Micro Kickboard is hosting the (50) scooter giveaway alongside some familiar faces on Instagram. You can join in the festivities on their Instagram @microkickboard on Tuesday, May 19, as they accept entries to win scooters for children (Mini Deluxe, ages 2-5).
To share in Micro’s celebration of National Scooter Day and the 50 Scooter Giveawayjust post to social media tagging @microkickboard and use the hashtag #NationalScooterDay. 
CEO and Owner of Micro Kickboard Julie Hawksworth said, “We’re thrilled to be offering Mini Deluxe scooters to 50 winners across the country. Scooting offers exercise and fun, and we realize that many families count on Micro to help their family spend time together outdoors. Spreading the Micro Joy is something that always gets us excited. Happy National Scooter Day!”