ZURU & MGA End Litigation Involving 5 Surprise Line


ZURU and MGA Entertainment have reached an agreement to end litigation involving ZURU’s 5 Surprise toy line and MGA’s L.O.L., Surprise! products, ZURU announced recently.

On May 6, ZURU received notice from the court that it had dismissed MGA’s lawsuit filed in 2019 against ZURU in California state court, which alleged that ZURU’s 5 Surprise product infringed the trade dress of MGA’s L.O.L. Surprise! In that proceeding, MGA sought a preliminary injunction against ZURU. The California court ultimately denied MGA’s request for a preliminary injunction, allowing ZURU to continue selling its 5 Surprise products.

Going forward, no license or permission from MGA will be required for ZURU to sell its 5 Surprise products. Additionally, there will be no restrictions imposed on ZURU’s right to sell its 5 Surprise lineup — including for Unicorn, Mini Brands, Dino, and Toy Mini Brands.