Squishmallows Celebrate 100 Million Sold

Squishmallows-100 Million

Jazwares and its subsidiary Kellytoy have surpassed 100 million Squishmallow plushes sold, and they’re marking the milestone with a limited edition special release.

Hans, one of the core characters from the original Squishmallows squad, returns as two different 16-inch styles this week. “Hans with Golden Details” is the classic brown Squishmallow with gold trim, top hat, and bowtie. “Golden Hans” is an entirely gold version of the character donning a celebratory top hat and bowtie. Jazwares will only release 10,000 of Hans with Golden Details and only 3,000 of Golden Hans, which are now available to fans for pre-order.

Additionally, Jazwares and Kellytoy are launching 30 Golden Hans plushes in the 24-inch size, the rarest Squishmallow to-date. One Golden Hans has been identified as the 100th million Squishmallow and will go up for auction on eBay to benefit Art in Action. Along with proceeds from the Golden Hans auction, Squishmallows will donate an additional $50,000 to Art in Action.

Meanwhile, Squishmallows kicked off a giveaway contest on social media, which will select 100 winners to receive a Select Series Hans. Out of the winners, 25 will receive a Golden Hans and the other 75 will get a Hans with Golden Details. Fans have until October 15 to enter by sharing a 60-second video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #GetGoldenHans.

“I want all fans and collectors to know how inspiring they are to the Squishmallows brand, and how much we appreciate and share their passion for our characters,” said Kellytoy co-president, Jonathan Kelly. “It is because of them that we have achieved this amazing milestone.  We are so excited to share what’s coming later this year and beyond. In addition to introducing many more new Squishmallows, we will be announcing several other exciting initiatives to engage our fans and collectors online and off.”

Kellytoy launched Squishmallows in 2017 with eight characters and has since grown the line to over 1,000 characters, with several extensions — including HugMees, Squish-Doos, Heroes, Flip-A-Mallows, and Squishville. Jazwares acquired Kellytoy in 2020.