New Plush Chickens from Douglas: Serka, Zara and Mara!

Douglas Mara Pink Chick

High-quality toy company Douglas has announced the introduction of three new members of their plush family. Serka the Hen, Zara the Gray Silkie Chick, and Mara the Pink Silkie Chick are expected on store shelves in late February 2022.


More info on Serka, Zara, and Mara from Douglas below:


Cluck! Cluck! It’s time to check out Douglas’ newest collection of farm fowl. The plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator welcomes a new Hen and two sweet Chicks to their coop for Spring 2022. These beauties are joining the hen house and are causing quite a commotion.


Serka the Hen sits perched at 10” long and is gorgeously thick with a rich golden coat of furry feather. Her body is composed of fully textured fur from long to short hairs in an array sun gold hues. She has black eyes and a bright orange beak. She looks to be the queen mother of the new brood.


Zara and Mara are the quintessential chicks of the farmyard. They both sit at 7” tall, ready to not miss a beat of fun. They are cute, fuzzy little fluff balls of silkie soft fur. Zara the Gray Silkie Chick is gray-brown in color and has a strong gray beak and dark black eyes. Mara the Pink Silkie Chick is precious in shades of rose-mauve. Her beak is deep brown, and her eyes are black. Both chicks are irresistibly soft and full of furry texture.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Serka, Zara and Mara Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.


About Douglas Company:


Douglas Company celebrates their 65th year as a leader in the plush industry! The family-owned and operated business has distribution throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Douglas classic animals have gestures and expressions that clearly distinguish them. Their faces evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Unusual breeds and hard-to-find species are easy to find in the extensive Douglas Line. The in-house, USA design team is the heart of Douglas’ success. They create designs and steward them from conception to final production. In recent years, the power of the creative department has led into the fashion/accessory arena. They have a unique talent for walking the edge to offer truly unique, trendy, and irresistible creations.