Osmo and Amazon Store NYC Unveil Retail Experience to Level-Up Holiday Shopping

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Osmo, in partnership with Amazon, announces the launch of their immersive Osmo holiday retail experience at the Amazon Books Store NYC. Located on 34th Street (7 West 34th Street), the limited-time holiday experience will start on December 4, 2021 and run through December 19, 2021, giving children the opportunity to experience the joy of having fun while learning with hands-on play, as smart parents enjoy the ease of scooping up award-winning STEM toys, like Osmo’s popular Math Wizard series, for the kids in their lives.


“This one-of-a-kind shopping experience was inspired by our newest ad campaign, Muahaha of the Bells, with a nod to savvy parents’ holiday gifting secrets,” said Margot Herrman, Vice President of Marketing at Osmo. “Kids will think they’re indulging in screen time on the tablet, but with Osmo’s curriculum-based technology, they won’t even realize they’re learning. It’s a win-win for parents and kids alike!”



With STEM toys hand-selected by popular kid genius siblings Brielle and Caden, the holiday shopping experience will feature Osmo’s top-rated gifts for kids ages 3-10+. The available products will include:

-Osmo Coding Starter Kit: Transform your tablet into a hands-on coding adventure. Coding Starter Kit teaches coding fundamentals from basic to advanced levels! Watch your child learn to code through a variety of games as they connect colorful blocks of code in the physical world to bring to life on the digital screen!

-Osmo Creative Starter Kit: Nourish the artist in your child! Creative Starter Kit blends your real-life doodles with on-screen action in three immersive games. Build your child’s creativity and communication skills while fostering endless imagination!

-Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure: Designed to instill a love of learning, this Little Genius Kit features games that help early learners develop their whole brain and learn through imaginative, hands-on play. From dressing characters in colorful costumes to creating images and watching them come to life… the fun goes on!

-Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop: Turn classroom learning into after-school fun with Math Wizard! Explore the village of Wyverndell with the wizard cat Mumbles! Master addition and subtraction through brewing potions with dragon claws and magic sparkles!

-Osmo Pizza Co.: Make pizza, change, and (hopefully!) a profit as you run a pizza shop! Invest profits into improving the shop and get a taste of growing your very own business. Practice addition, subtraction, and fraction skills — including fast-paced mental math.

-Osmo Genius Starter Kit: A great entry to the Osmo universe, the Genius Starter Kit includes everything your kids need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun in multiple different ways. From solving creative physics puzzles to mastering numbers and words to fun with shapes and drawing…the excitement never ends!

-BYJU’S Magic Workbooks: Disney First Grade Premium Kit: A learning adventure for your child, building fundamental math, language and reading skills alongside their favorite Disney characters.

-Osmo Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends: Explore the world of Disney with Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends from Osmo. In Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends, you are the artist — get step-by-step instructions on how to draw the scenes, then watch the story come to life in your first animation!



“My brother Caden and I think learning should be fun, and that’s why we love Osmo,” said kid genius Brielle. “We love how Osmo’s Math Wizard series takes us on fun adventures to teach us subjects like geometry in the new Fantastic Food Truck game. It seems just like magic when the game pieces show up right in the world on our tablet screens!”


The shopping experience will offer a lounge-style setting for adults to relax, while kids play with Osmo’s products. A family photo booth will also be available for festive family memories. Open from December 4, 2021 to December 19, 2021 from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. each day, the Osmo Amazon Store shopping experience is located in NYC at 7 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001.

Amazon Osmo

Amazon Osmo

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