Richard Faith Inspires Young Minds to ‘Bee’ Aware of Climate Change Impact in ‘Bee Scared’

Bee Scared Richard Faith


Helping future generations join the fight against climate change and global warming is a critical step in protecting Mother Earth and her ecosystems. To help families and educators introduce the concept to very young audiences, author Richard Faith has written Bee Scared, a children’s book that frames the concept of environmental challenges in an easy-to-understand, entertaining tale about disappearing bees and closed hives.


Bee Scared, an Old Doc Turtle adventure, follows the Queen and her community of family and friends as they try to understand why the honeybees are disappearing in great numbers and find a solution to this scary problem.


What will the queen do? Who will she turn to? How will she keep her hive safe from harm? Without bees there will be no fruit, no vegetables and no flowers. They use music. They call on Auntie Bee. Even Old Doc Turtle becomes concerned! Can your young reader think of any ways to help Auntie Bee save the honeybees?


This delightful children’s tale delivers a simple lesson about the challenges of climate change and global warming — and the impact on nature’s tiniest but mightiest of creatures — in a way that young audiences can understand. Bee Scared can help you open a dialogue with the curious young people in your life about the importance of conservationism and protecting the future of our planet.


Author Richard Faith is passionate about raising awareness regarding the impacts of global warming and climate change. The second book in his Bee Scared series, You’ll Bee Scared Too, is scheduled for publication in 2022. He is also the author of the science fiction series, Megamerse, which features a superhero who fights for Mother Earth. Megamerse has been turned into a screenplay and talks are ongoing with a movie studio. Faith’s other book titles include “I Can Barely See” Said Mandy Manatee, Barkley & Silvia, Crocodilly Lilly: Not so Toothy A Grin and The Owl that Said What.


Faith is also the executive director of Mother Nature Festival Live Incorporated (, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to educate, inform and inspire everyone to get involved in helping Mother Nature. As part of the organization’s mission to stop global warming, recording artist Kevin Silvers will debut a new Mother Nature Festival Live theme song online on Earth Day, April 22, 2022. On April 30, 2022, a fundraiser will be held at the Oswego Music Hall, in Oswego, New York, where Kevin Silvers and others are scheduled to perform. To participate, visit their website. Additionally, the organization is planning festivals and conferences in Oswego, New York, on September 16 and 17, 2022.


To hear the new Mother Nature Festival Live theme song, Mother Nature SOS, by recording artist Kevin Silvers, please visit, and help spread the word about Richard Faith, Bee Scared and the mission to stop Global Warming.