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DeAPlaneta and Planeta Junior Merge Under DeAPlaneta Entertainment

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DeAPlaneta and Planeta Junior, both Planeta/De Agostini Group companies, are coming together under the brand DeAPlaneta Entertainment. This merger of the two companies is due to a strategic reorganization that aims to consolidate their leadership in the entertainment segment, to articulate their business model more efficiently and to be more agile in order to respond to the new needs of a global, multi-channel market. Its activity will be focused on three main areas: fiction content, content for children and families, and interactive products.


This merger responds to the transformation processes in the entertainment sector where the boundaries between audiences and genres have blurred, where global markets are being served and where companies tend to adopt business models that promote a direct relationship with their audience.


“The entertainment industry is a growing and constantly changing sector. DeAPlaneta Entertainment is a company prepared to compete in international markets with a global concept”, states Ignacio Segura, CEO of DeAPlaneta Entertainment. “Nowadays, it is necessary to move towards a new business model that involves diversification, finding new ways to meet the needs of users, occupying solid positions at more points in the value chain and being big. With this merger we will become a more competitive player.”


DeAPlaneta Entertainment will continue to focus on the production or distribution of quality content with memorable stories to excite all kinds of audiences beyond traditional screens. Nowadays, users are looking for liquid experiences (audiovisual, physical and digital) that combine creativity, technology and innovation.


The new company brings together more than 20 years of experience producing and distributing content with a global reach. From fiction and animated films and series and licensed products to live shows, video game competitions and, more recently, NFT development and presence in the metaverse.


DeAPlaneta Entertainment has had numerous successes in the different entertainment sectors, including the release of the popular titles “The Physician”, the “Saw” saga and the Oscar-winning “The King’s Speech”, “12 Years a Slave”, and “The Pianist” in Spanish cinemas, as well as the creation of TV series such as “Ana Tramel. The Game”.


For children and family audiences, DeAPlaneta Entertainment manages and produces series such as “Miraculous Ladybug”, “Milo”, “Gormiti”, “Heidi” and “Maya the Bee”, generating different audiovisual content and licensed products for audiences all over the world.


In the interactive arena, the company continues to expand and explore new areas, and has organized high-profile events such as the eCopa RFEF and the national FIFA 21 benchmark tournament, with the support of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.