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Straight Out of the 2000’s Comes Cakeworthy’s Neopets Collection!

Neopets x Cakeworthy


If you’re reading this, it probably means your Neopets are dying.


Celebrate the hours you spent earning Neopoints, completing faerie quests and saving up for paintbrushes with the latest collection – Neopets x Cakeworthy!


Featuring various styles and silhouettes inspired by the 2000’s, this collection is guaranteed to serve up all the best nostalgia. Including tees, a sweater, a dress, accessories and even a onesie! Fans of the iconic website can expect to find pieces celebrating all the best aspects of the game including faeries, paintbrushes, and hilarious quotes.


The collection will also feature a Cakeworthy classic—the flannel. As the originators of the character flannel, fans of Cakeworthy patiently await each launch hoping to add another quote flannel to their collection. This staple piece is a guaranteed head-turner for all your fellow Neofriends featuring the quote, ‘Your Neopets are dying,’ while boasting a bold color palette and embroidered details inspired by the beloved website.


Check out the full collection at


“There are so many of us that spent a huge chunk of our childhood and even teen years immersed in the Neopets world,” says Brandon Shedden, CEO of Cakeworthy. “The Cakeworthy team spent hours bonding over shared Neopets memories and could hardly consider the research done for this collection as ‘work’. We hope this collection embodies all your best Neopets memories and encourages you to log on, like we did, and check on your pets (because they’re probably dying!).”


“We are very excited to have Cakeworthy as a licensee for Neopets,” says Carlin West, CEO of Carlin West Agency. “Their passion for streetwear and attention to detail and style are sure to excite Neopets fans.”


“It has been so rewarding seeing Neopets come to life in a new way through our collaboration with Cakeworthy,” says Stephanie Lord, Brand Manager of JumpStart Games. “It’s our ongoing goal to interact with Neopets players outside the world of Neopia, and we’re very excited to realize this collaboration by offering loyal fans a fashionable way to proudly show off their fandom.”


The Neopets x Cakeworthy collection is available online at