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Boss Fight Studio to Launch Action Figures for Classic Strawberry Shortcake Brand

Boss Fight Studios Strawberry Shortcake WildBrain


Boss Fight Studio, creator of fan favorite action figures, has acquired the license to develop action figures based on WildBrain’s Classic Strawberry Shortcake character and her friends. The deal, brokered by FanGirl Consulting and Brand Management and WildBrain CPLG, is the latest addition to a diverse array of iconic brands for Boss Fight Studio.


Known for products that emphasize playability, Boss Fight Studio will develop a new line that will present Classic Strawberry Shortcake as a fully articulated and scented figure for the first time in decades. In addition, Boss Fight is developing a range of other figures from the Classic Strawberry Shortcake brand, including Orange Blossom, Huckleberry Pie, and Lime Chiffon. The figures will feature the distinctive scents that Strawberry Shortcakes fans love.


“I grew up with Strawberry Shortcake, and my collection of Strawberry Shortcake toys are still some of my favorites,” says Catrina Arana, Partner and Creative Art Director at Boss Fight Studio. “I’m so excited to bring these iconic characters to life in completely poseable action figures!”


“Boss Fight’s attention to classic details, while making the characters fully poseable, offers a unique approach to a toy line,” said Jasen Wright, VP, North America, WildBrain CPLG. “We can’t wait to have the first round of characters in hand.”


“As a fan, I’ve thought about how I would bring Strawberry and her friends to life for years. We’re having so much fun developing the classic characters, as well as many of the international characters, into playable, new toys. We have plans to go deep on the lineup and can’t wait for everyone to see them come to life!” says Arana.


The first wave of figures includes Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, Huckleberry Pie, and Lime Chiffon, and will open for pre-orders in March on or through your favorite retailer/e-retailer for Boss Fight Studio products.