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Omens Studios Lands MediaCorp Re-commissions

Omens MediaCorp Leo Wildlife Ranger


Award-winning Singapore and UK-based animation company Omens Studios has secured a deal with Singapore’s national public broadcaster MediaCorp for an additional 20 episodes of hit preschool series Leo the Wildlife Ranger (126 x 11’) and a further 40 episodes of Counting with Paula (340 x 11’).


Leo the Wildlife Ranger’s 20 new episodes will air on MediaCorp’s okto block on Channel 5 in the last quarter of 2022. The first season has sold in over 50 countries globally, and the second season of the adventure series won Best Preschool Program at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021 (Country) and the Silver Award for Television Series at the 2021 Telly Awards.


The series aims to encourage knowledge and appreciation of wildlife and nature and to develop eco-awareness in young children. Aimed at 3–6-year-olds, the show features Junior Rangers Leo and Katie and their loyal canine companion Hero, on their quest to learn more about the beautiful animals and plants that surround us on this planet. The new season sees more exotic wildlife, more adventures and fun for Leo, Katie, Hero and Ranger Rocky, as well as an expanded cast of new Junior Rangers from around the world.


Counting with Paula, aimed at children aged 3-6, is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian and has had international success, currently being available in over 50 territories. The new season seven is also set to air on MediaCorp’s okto block on Channel 5 in February 2023.


Counting with Paula follows six-year-old Paula and her friends making learning about numeracy, literacy and social development skills fun, easy and entertaining. The series features Paula along with friends – Tim, Billy, Chalkie, Calc and the Numbers as they go on exciting adventures to colorful and exotic places, where they solve problems and make new friends. The hit series combines the best in entertainment and education, drawing on curricula from Singapore’s Ministry of Education and the US’ Common Core for K-5. The new season will feature upgraded characters and locations as well as a new episodic format designed to better engage young viewers.


Chi Sim Tang, CEO of Omens Studios, said: “Both Counting with Paula and Leo the Wildlife Ranger continue to grow internationally with fans now across the world keen to see what the characters get up to next. We are delighted to be working with MediaCorp again to bring brand new content and for our Singapore based audiences to see the new fun filled episodes of Leo the Wildlife Ranger very soon!”


With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, U.K., U.S.A., and China, Omens Studios is an award-winning creator, producer, IP owner and distributor of animated TV series, short films, and interactive media.