Douglas Launches Soft Baby Dolls in Pajamas and Matching PJ Pups

Douglas Soft Dolls PJ Pups

If you are going to have a Baby Doll in Pajamas then she ought to have a puppy who wears matching pajamas. It only makes sense to plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator, Douglas Company who is well-known for their breed-specific pups. Soft Dolls are brand new for Douglas, and there are three diverse dolls in the initial introduction, with matching PJ Pups sold separately.


Say Hello to Vera the Floral Doll! She is wearing a darling floral print onesie in gorgeous shades of pink and blue on a white background. Her sweet, textured, blonde plush hair is wrapped in a matching knotted headband. She is 13″ of snuggly softness from head to toe. Her skin tone is a light flesh color, and her embroidered facial features exude personality. Her matching PJ Pup is a yellow lab and wears the exact same floral one-piece outfit.


Meet Lainey the Lemon Doll, she is anything but sour. She is adorable in her blush- colored onesie covered in tiny lemons with a few white daisies sprinkled in. Her skin tone is beige and accentuates her textured chocolate brown plush hair. She has two pigtails tied up high with matching scrunchies. She is 13” from head to toe and just the perfect amount of squishy plumpness. Her matching PJ Pup is a chocolate lab and wears the exact same lemons on blush one-piece outfit.


Completing this priceless trio is Pippa the Rainbow Doll. She is so cute in her boho rainbow inspired onesie covered in beautiful hues of pink, blue jade, turquoise and gold on a white background. Her skin tone is creamy brown, and her textured hair is a rich dark chocolate. She even has an embroidered rainbow on top of her ponytail. She is snuggly sweet at 13” from head to toe. Her matching PJ Pup is a golden doodle and wears the exact same boho rainbow one-piece outfit.


All of Douglas’ new Soft Dolls have lovely embroidered facial features, sewn on quality-made clothing and are completely machine washable. They make an ideal companion for your little one and encourage loads of imaginative play. Matching PJ Pups are just 4 inches long and make an adorable completion to the set.


Douglas’ New Soft Dolls and Matching PJ Pups are sold separately and expected on store shelves in late March 2022. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.