Kid-Invented Social Card Game KidQuest Announced


Introducing KidQuest, the first card game that helps kids and teens connect more deeply with the people in their lives and have fun along the way. Family game time to inspire meaningful conversations between kids and grown-ups has arrived! Created by a mother and son entrepreneurial team, accomplished author Ariane de Bonvoisin and seven year-old Everest van der Zwan, KidQuest is filled with 100 questions that prompt engaging and surprising interactions, such as “When you were a kid, what did you love doing with your grandparents?”, “Did you ever start a business?” and “Who understood you the best?” KidQuest is available now on Amazon.


KidQuest is a creative and fun way for kids to learn about the world around them. Understanding what the grown-ups in their life have experienced through storytelling normalizes everyday experiences that they too are going through, allowing for kids and adults to connect as equals. Each time the game is played, a new life journey is unlocked and it’s an open invitation to share life lessons and advice with kids. Kids and teens may choose to ask adults if they were teased or bullied as a kid. It’s comforting for them to know if this happened to a parent or family member, how they handled it and what they learned from their experience.


KidQuest also provides an opportunity for shared family storytelling. According to an Emory University study, “adolescents who report knowing more stories about their familial past show higher levels of emotional well-being, and also higher levels of identity and achievement.”


“Playing KidQuest lets children really get to know the important adults in their lives, in a new and different way than ever before,” said Ariane de Bonvoisin, co-creator of KidQuest. “The recent pandemic has been tough on families, and KidQuest is on a mission to bring back screen-free moments, while also nurturing the hearts and mental health of our children.”


“Creating this game with my mom was really fun and I learned so much about what it takes to start a business. It was great to have a goal together during the pandemic,” added Everest van der Zwan, co-creator of KidQuest. “Getting to know my family better was so interesting. I found out that my 84 year-old grandfather did some naughty things as a kid and that my mom was bullied in school – two things I had no idea about. With every KidQuest question I discovered things that helped me as a kid too!”


KidQuest allows kids to choose the question they want to ask and choose whom to ask it to. There are also special cards that change the game: A Reverse Card where the adult can ask the kid a question, a Blank Card, where anyone can ask anything they are curious about and the famous Celebration Card, where kids can ask for whatever they want! Pancakes for dinner, stay up past bedtime to watch a movie, extended playtime – it’s the ultimate win and kids go crazy when they get it!


KidQuest highlights include:


Perfect for family time – KidQuest is the first card game where kids are in charge and can ask the grown-ups in their life questions about when they were kids. With 100 color-coded questions in eight different categories, such as Home Life, School, Friends, Emotions, Humor and Personality, kids get to find out more about who the adults in their life are, than ever before.


Share life lessons, laughter and relatability – These cards encourage a brand new way for kids to learn life lessons, help build their self-esteem and help shape their understanding of everything from how to make friends, save money, deal with fears and hard times, to thriving at school, building their health, and understanding relationships and emotions. Play it for 5 minutes or 5 hours, KidQuest helps keep young minds curious.


Make an 0ff-screen, ‘in real life’ connection and get to know your family members – Looking for a way to get kids off electronic devices? KidQuest will bring families closer. Share some of your most valuable learnings with kids, without ever needing technology, and instead enjoy stimulating conversations with humor and depth.


Perfect portable gift and travel essential – Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, teacher, aunt or uncle, this card game creates an opportunity to grow with kids emotionally and intellectually. Chat about hopes and fears, likes and dislikes, hard times and coping tools. Share laugh-out-loud moments and things kids would never have known about you! Fits in the palm of your hand, so take it in the car, on family vacations, put it in a backpack or on the dinner table.


KidQuest is available on Amazon for a retail price of $19.99. Additional information can be found at and on Instagram at KidQuestOfficial.


KidQuest is on a mission to help kids connect more deeply with the grown-ups in their life, while learning and having fun along the way. Developed by seven year-old Everest van der Zwan, with a little help from his Mom, KidQuest is a card game which consists of 100 questions that kids ask the grown-ups in their life to get to know them better. It focuses on eight different categories such as School Life, Home Life, Friends, Work and Emotions. Kids ages 5-99 can play anytime and anywhere. The company launched the first KidQuest classic edition in early 2022. The company is based between New York City and Switzerland.