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MAPP Trap Launches Podcast Legal Briefs

Mapp Trap Legal Briefs EnforceWatch

MAPP Trap, a price monitoring tech company using a proprietary search engine, is applying its experience and relevant learnings, while transforming the tech- and legal-focused podcast landscape, with its newly released podcast series, Legal Briefs. Created for e-commerce decision-makers who want to explore specific strategies to protect their brands, pricing, distribution and intellectual property, Legal Briefs provides listeners with accessible strategies and tactics surrounding policies to protect their online brand landscape and to minimize potential legal risks.


Hosted by Ron Solomon, CEO of MAPP Trap, Legal Briefs explores specific areas of brand protection and enforcement with consumer product manufacturer attorney, Jeremy Richardson, Esq., a partner in the New York office of Freeborn & Peters law firm, as well as other industry guests. The unique combination of business, tech and legal insight is invaluable to e-commerce listeners who are protecting their brands and businesses across the internet — and therefore across the globe.


“With the well-timed launch of Legal Briefs, we are voicing tips and advice during an important shift in business, as we move deeper into a more interconnected world,” said Solomon, who founded MAPP Trap to help brands maintain retail margins and healthy distribution through MAP policies, authorized reseller policies, distributor agreements and more. “Simply put, the podcast shares tips to protect e-commerce businesses, while they protect themselves. And that’s good news for everyone.”


Legal Briefs takes complex issues and breaks them down into a bite-size format, featuring 10- to 20-minute conversations per episode. As e-commerce grows, more problems with price erosion grows along with it. Manufacturers are still missing a lot of opportunities for online brand protection; and the podcast shares important information to guide e-commerce business owners in an accessible format.


“The pandemic accelerated reliance on online marketplaces, increasing the risk of brand-value threats caused by over-distribution, hyper-discounting, gray-market sellers and policy compliance. As e-commerce becomes more intense with increasing technology and consumer demand, the challenges become more intense, too. The Legal Briefs podcast helps listeners know what questions to ask, how to evaluate their online brand strategy, and how to stay protected in this fast-paced and ever-changing business culture,” added Solomon on the idea behind the podcast.