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Olive Oyl Featured in the Latest Moncler Genius Collection

Olive Oyl Moncler

King Features unveils its latest collaboration, spotlighting animated icon Olive Oyl who appears in the 2 Moncler 1952 Woman Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Veronica Leoni. As part of the brand’s Moncler Genius project, playful prints highlight Olive Oyl’s unique fashion sense and dynamic personality.


Olive Oyl has been a groundbreaking female character since her debut in 1919 and Veronica Leoni chose to feature Olive in her latest collection due to her widely recognized confidence and humor. Retro images of Olive Oyl were carefully selected to create garments that capture her relatable yet unique personality. The collection includes a capsule of T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts and is available now on and in select Moncler boutiques.


“We are very happy to have secured this collaboration with such a high-end and innovative brand as Moncler and such an iconic character as Olive Oyl,” said Grazia Bussandri of Premium Licensing, King Features’ Italian agent who secured the deal with Moncler.


“For decades, style makers around the world have been inspired by Olive’s confidence and glamorous self-perception,” said Carla Silva, VP/GM, Global Head of Licensing, King Features. “But this capsule from Moncler is in a class of its own. The clever designs highlight what a dynamic individual Olive Oyl is and the characteristics that make her so appealing to fans and fashionistas alike.”


The leading lady — literally. Olive Oyl was on the scene delivering laughs to readers years before her future sweetheart Popeye entered the picture. Olive Oyl has always been ahead of her time. She genuinely loves herself and embraces those things that make her unusual — which is what makes her so appealing. Dynamic, relatable and real — she’s genuinely comfortable in her own skin. Confident and independent, she celebrates her unique self whole-heartedly, inspiring others to do the same. She’s unapologetic in voicing what she wants, knowing she’s entitled to change her mind. A smart and empowered woman with high standards, she is also lighthearted and adaptable with a wry sense of humor. Self-assured and strong, Olive is not afraid to stand up for herself, but she also knows when to lean on others. She shows that a woman can be many things — powerful, driven, vulnerable and sensitive — and that emotions are meant to be felt and expressed. Her personality radiates and inspires others of all ages and backgrounds ­to celebrate their unique selves. Olive is just Olive, and proud of it.