Pisces USA Debuts Aqua Natural Aquascaping Rocks

Pisces USA Logo Pet Natural

Pisces USA is excited to announce a brand new addition to their Natural Décor range – a stunning range of aquascaping rocks under the Aqua Natural brand. There are three unique and beautiful styles of rocks included with in this range under the ‘Aqua Natural’ brand. These are available exclusively through Pisces USA and will be on show at Global Pet Expo 2022, Booth 4644


Aqua Natural Glitter Rocks by Pisces USA are a unique and rare mica rich quartz. The Mica has natural light reflecting facets which give this rock a beautiful sparkle and shimmer when both dry and wet. This kit is an assortment of pieces handpicked by our aquarium design specialists – each piece is guaranteed to be unique and a natural sculpture of nature.


All Aqua Natural products are sustainable and responsibly sourced under license and have a lower carbon footprint than resin ornaments or plastic rock copies. Our exclusive range of all natural products are the eco-friendly way of adding attractive tones and warmth to an aquarium. Glitter rocks are 100% natural, sustainable sourced and non-toxic.


Pisces USA is the world leader dedicated to unique natural pet products from around the world, based in Garden City, Savannah, Georgia. The company was founded in April 2017, following the exponential success of the parent company in Australia, PNP Trading, Australia’s largest wholesaler of natural pet products. Pisces USA continues to be innovative world leaders in unique natural pet products.