Schleich Partners With The American Montessori Society

Schleich Montessori


Schleich, the world’s leading manufacturer of animal characters and playsets, is pleased to enter into a yearlong partnership with the American Montessori Society.


The American Montessori Society promotes independent, engaged and self-motivated learning. Schleich animal characters integrate into educational activities such as those in language development and cultural studies. The quality and realism of Schleich characters align perfectly with the Montessori educational philosophy.


“There is a natural fit between Schleich characters and play-sets and the Montessori method,” said Kelli Masilun, Director of North American Marketing for Schleich USA. “Providing Montessori teachers and administrators with new activities and learning enhancers is an exciting step towards bringing the storytelling powers of Schleich characters and playsets into the classroom.”


“High-quality materials are often an essential component of a Montessori teacher’s lessons. Schleich’s animals in particular bring an added realism which children have a natural attachment to. These materials allow children to imagine and gain a deeper connection to the world around them which excites them to want to continue to explore the concepts and ideas,” said Gina Lofquist, Senior Director of Education and Strategic Initiatives at the American Montessori Society. “We’re happy to have Schleich as a partner in supporting AMS’s mission to improve education worldwide through Montessori.”


This partnership will offer new ideas on how to use Schleich characters in the context of a Montessori classroom. It also will include co-branded video content and surveys, and Schleich will have a presence at The Montessori Event on March 17-20 in Nashville.


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Founded more than 85 years ago by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Schleich is one of Germany’s largest toy manufacturers and a leading international provider of figurines. The famous Schleich figurines are sold in more than 60 countries and are loved by children around the world. As a global player with Swabian roots, Schleich currently generates more than half of its sales outside its core market in Germany. The Company is majority owned by Partners Group, a global private markets investment management firm. Further shareholders are the management team around Dirk Engehausen (CEO). The design of the Schleich play worlds, the manufacturing of the production tools and all quality and safety checks are carried out in Germany. Production itself takes place at the company’s site in Schwäbisch Gmünd and in other production plants abroad.

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