Iconic Brand Cloud b Celebrates 20th Year of Soothing, Sound Sleep for All

Cloud b Logo

Cloud b, the world’s leading brand of award-winning products and accessories that help parents and children sleep better, celebrates its 20th year, marking a milestone anniversary in 2022 and unveiling a new logo with a more contemporary design that appeals to today’s consumer. What started off as a simple idea, to give the gift of sleep to newborn babies and their families, has become a tried-and-true staple and a most-trusted sleep solution for millions. From the classic award-winning products like the iconic Tranquil Turtle to the soothing Sleep Sheep, Cloud b’s legacy lineup continues to be praised today by parents, celebrities, and the industry alike.


“As a new mom, I was so fortunate to have a daughter that would drift peacefully into sleep. That said, it was hard for me to at first understand the complexities and the struggles that so many new parents were faced with,” says Linda Suh, the young mom behind the creation of Cloud b and its products. “I soon realized that the gift of sleep is truly priceless for new parents dealing with endless sleepless nights. I wanted other parents to experience this gift, and so this sparked the initial idea for Cloud b.”


The idea transformed simple sleep aid products into opportunities for human connections through the Plush with a Purpose collection. Suh adds, “When we first started, we focused on creating products and resources that helped babies sleep. However, as the brand grew, we learned more about the complexities of sleep and the importance of creating a sleep routine, so we expanded our mission to bring that comfort to the whole family.”


Today, Cloud b and its multi-sensory product collections are based on pediatric research demonstrating that specific aspects of sight, sound, and touch are all vital to achieving peaceful, deeper sleep. The classic, award-winning products continues to be the mainstay behind the brand and include Sleep Sheep, a cuddly companion that soothes baby to sleep with calming “white noise,” Twinkling Twilight Turtle, which features two soothing melodies and projects 100’s of twinkling lights on the ceiling, and Tranquil Turtle, which creates a serene underwater effect, complete with soft waves and was recently awarded the PARENT’s Kid’s Sleep Award.


In 2021, BTL Diffusion, an award-winning baby products and toy development and distribution company, acquired Cloud b. “Cloud b has an incredible legacy with two-decades of research and awards to back its product line,” says Laurent Benichou, BTL Diffusion CEO. “We look forward to continuing to be a part of the brand’s future legacy with the development of new innovative products and fresh designs that will complement the incredible product line.”


Suh concludes, “It is so rewarding to see how my dream to help all babies and parents drift off to sleep has turned into an established and trusted brand. I can’t wait to see where BTL Diffusion will take Cloud b next.”


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