The ICTI Ethical Toy Program Announces New Assessment Module

ICTI Ethical Toy Program Environmental Assessment Module

The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) has announced the launch of an Environmental Assessment Module, a new online tool to facilitate climate action for the global supply chain. IETP’s Environmental Assessment (EA) is a quick and cost-effective solution companies can use to gain oversight of the positive and negative environmental impacts of their business operations and those of their suppliers.


The Environmental Assessment can be implemented globally and offers a new way for businesses in any industry to establish and advance their Environmental Strategy. Through clear, consistent, and consolidated information, businesses of any size can benchmark their supply chain partners and identify risks and opportunities. This assessment will enable companies to better understand the environmental performance of their global supply chain and to report on it. Businesses can leverage this information to develop action plans for their sustainability strategy and join forces with the rest of the world in combatting climate change.


“IETP is committed to meeting the needs of our members, together with them we’ve created the IETP Environmental Assessment. The objectives of this development from the very start were to enable companies to collect relevant data, at scale and at low cost. I am delighted to be able to say today that we have achieved that objective successfully. All companies of every size want to play their part in combatting climate change and I am confident this new tool will help companies meet their own objectives, the expectations of their customers and the requirements of regulators globally.” says Carmel Giblin, President & CEO of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP).


Features and benefits of the ICTI Environmental Assessment module include:


Reducing time & effort: the pre-designed online assessment replaces the manual process of data collection, across countless emails between partners and suppliers. The Assessment permits Sustainability and Procurement professionals to spend more time on data analysis, planning, and taking action.


Future-proof to meet evolving needs & changing legislation: the consolidated data offers flexible metrics which can be used for standalone reporting or easily integrated into existing Environmental initiatives.


Applicable to any industry: developed with the support of responsible sourcing experts, the assessment will compare suppliers, provide information for procurement strategies & supplier agreements, as well as track environmental progress & performance.


Reduces the complexity of multiple service providers: with governments, investors, and consumers requesting businesses report their supply chain due diligence on both human rights and environmental performance, businesses can leverage IETP’s one-stop responsible sourcing platform to source ethical suppliers, run and analyze ESG data.


IETP’s Environmental Assessment Module is available to all businesses from any industry starting the 16th of May, for more information about the environmental areas covered, cost per assessment, or for a sample of the report, please contact, or visit


The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) is a specialist responsible sourcing program. Originally designed for the needs of the global toy industry, it is now deployed in many sectors with all its programs being category agnostic. With 18 years’ experience, IETP is known for its robust Supplier Certification, remote Social Impact Assessment, wide range of capability-building programs, and scalable worker wellbeing initiatives. We support businesses to measure and achieve their ESG objectives, mitigate labor risks and realize a safe and ethical workplace for workers,


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