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Komarc Games to Unveil New StickiKubes and Finger Topz at ASTRA 2022

Komarc Games StickiKubes ASTRA 2022

Retailers looking for something fresh and full of delight will be sticking around Booth 1731 at ASTRA as Komarc Games unveils StickiKubes ($9.99) and Finger Topz ($14.99) plus showcases a half dozen best seller boxed toys and games. All are in stock and ready for childhood exploration. Specialty retailers have always had a keen eye for finding the perfect product for their customers. ASTRA’s Marketplace is this summer’s not-to-be-missed specialty toy show.


As ASTRA reminds its retail members, the Long Beach, CA Convention Center will host the ideal selection of toys and children’s products to fill fourth-quarter shelves – and save big dollars with show-only specials. Komarc Games will be demonstrating its motto, Let’s Play! at ASTRA with $29.99 & under products that are highly unique and challenging for kids, teens and adults. That multi-generational/all-inclusive appeal is why so many Komarc Games fly off neighborhood store toy shelves and specialty chains like Hallmark and Barnes & Noble! 


“We love making games and toys that promote social interaction, stimulate motor skills, and encourage creativity and strategic thinking,” reveals J.D. Needham, VP of Sales for Komarc Games. “We also appreciate our specialty retailers and have pledged no price increases throughout 2022. It’s our way of encouraging everyone to unplug or at least spend a little less time on the phone and more time interacting with family.” 


Komarc Games is all about playful moves. Whether you’re balancing a long row of stones (Face The Mountain! $29.99), bouncing a glow-in-the-dark ball (Majibu Ring, $15.99) or stacking rubberwood bricks (Tummple!, $21.99) kids and kid-ults will always have a blast without the need of batteries or a strong WiFi signal. 


Of course, those who just can’t put down their smartphones have three apps that add another layer of strategic fun to boxed games Tummple Mix ($21.99) and Shoppin’ Blowout ($29.99) or throwing snacks at Jack on the wall (Smack The Snack On Jack, $21.99). These games can be played with or without the apps—they’re just a fun option! 


Discover all of these interactive games to be played with the neighbors or solo at and Amazon. Games with an app can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. Or just stick around Booth 1731 at ASTRA Marketplace! 


New! StickiKubes • Ages 4+ • $9.99 Please touch and go ahead and fidget. Kids can make their own custom 2D and 3D designs, decorate cups and bowls, glasses, furniture, car interior, and anything else in the house, office, or classroom! These crafty cubes are made from a customized polymer without adhesive added. Stickikubes stick to anything (except fabric), are non-toxic and safe for kids. Note all four colors are easy to handle, even for preschoolers. 


New! Finger Topz • Ages 4+ • $14.99 As the box says, it’s a funner way to create! This new twist on finger painting gets kids to imagine outside the lines with 8 stamp designs, 2 soft foam brushes, 8 bright paint colors, 5 color paper squares, a water tray and a lid that converts into a palette! Moms will be thrilled with their mess-free kitchen table after play is done. 


Tummple! • Ages 8+ • $21.99 A hit in Europe, Asia and Australia, this game gets its name by strategically placing wood bricks and durable obstacles called tumps. Solo or group players watch the structure form… up, down, sideways and every way. The wood is made of beautiful high-grade rubberwood, native to South Vietnam. The yellow and white tumps are made of polished acrylic. As one amazon consumer compactly reviewed, “Fantastic game that is loads of fun for kids and adults alike. Great variation on the Jenga idea. The tumps really do add strategy to the gameplay. And it’s just plain fun.” 


Tummple Mix • Ages 8+ • $21.99 This highly challenging version of Komarc’s award-winning tummple! features three different size bricks (6 different sides) plus yellow, white and red tumps. In addition, the Brick Shuffling Mobile App, with timer and point calculator, tells players what brick to grab and what side to place, or what tump to use… so, what could go wrong? Like all games, the player who manages to earn the most points wins! 


Shoppin’ Blowout • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Race to grab items faster than the other player(s) with a traditional gameboard and the digital Shoppin’ Product Selector App for your tablet or phone. Grab the Brainy Books (earn 15 pts.) or Epic Espresso Machine (worth 30 pts.) and place them in your palm-size shopping cart. When there are no items left to grab, the game ends. Calculate the points in your cart and announce the winner. Also steal or avoid certain items for an added measure of fun! Ideal for boys and girls and created for 2-4 players. Box set includes shopping board, products, carts and instructions for downloading the optional app. 


Majibu Ring • Ages 8+ • $15.99 Ever wonder about your hand-eye coordination? This contemporary version of the game Jacks comes with a twist. Kids and adults can play alone or with a group for some intense and exciting competition. The game comes with 4 sets of colored rings, a high-quality rubber ball, and the post… all of which are glow-inthe-dark for day or night fun! 


Face The Mountain! • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Ready? Steady? Focus! This game really tests balancing skills by lifting a long row of “rocks” up and down the mountain! It’s particularly challenging since there’s nothing holding the rocks together… just the exact amount of pressure and good dexterity. Be careful… too much pressure or too little… too slow or too quick… makes all the difference in a successful lift or failure. This game is easy to learn and is difficult to stop playing, it’s that much fun! Everyone stays engaged and excited with the fast-paced challenges. Ideal for family game night! 


Smack The Snack On Jack • 8+ • $21.99 Instead of the kitchen table, this game is apropos for the kitchen wall! In this funny and challenging “throwing and flinging” game, meet Jack! Throw super sticky “snacks” as fast as you can…nail Jack on the arms or chest or perhaps that J on his shirt! Each round is timed, and points are tallied. Each target area is assigned a designated number of points. An extra digital layer of fun comes from the Smack the Snack Timer and Counter app. The app lets you tally points automatically by simply indicating which snacks were thrown and which target points were hit. Or, use the enclosed hourglass for non-app play.