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Mattel Partners with HBO Max, Cartoon Network on Two Live-Action American Girl Specials

American Girl Corrine Tan

Mattel, Incorporated announced that it is partnering with HBO Max and Cartoon Network on a pair of new live-action American Girl specials based on the hit doll and book line. The first special, American Girl: Corinne Tan (wt), focuses on the brand’s 2022 Girl of the Year of the same name. Produced by MarVista Entertainment, a Fox Entertainment Company, American Girl: Corinne Tan will premiere this December on Cartoon Network and the following day on HBO Max. A second American Girl special will follow in 2023.


The first 60-minute special follows 13-year-old ski enthusiast Corinne Tan as she navigates her parents’ recent divorce while her 10-year-old sister, Gwynn, dad, mom, and stepdad Arne have adjusted to their new roles in this blended family. She discovers a new purpose when she challenges herself to train a rambunctious puppy named Flurry to become a search and rescue dog. American Girl: Corinne Tan tells the inspirational story of a proud big sister as she comes to understand family, perseverance, and self-acceptance.


The live-action American Girl special is directed by Angela Tortu (Fresh Off the Boat), and stars Miya Cech (Marvelous and the Black Hole, The Astronauts, Are You Afraid of the Dark) as Corinne, Kai Cech (The Longest Sleep) as her sister Gwynn, and Michelle Krusiec (Hollywood, Hawaii Five-O) as their mom, Judy.


“Mattel Television is excited to partner with HBO Max and Cartoon Network to introduce our new American Girl special featuring 2022 Girl of the Year, Corinne Tan,” said Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mattel Television. “Corinne is a strong role model, encouraging viewers to be their true, authentic selves. We are proud to bring her rich story to life and inspire television audiences of all ages.”


“This diverse portfolio of live-action projects capture the sweetness, the funniness, the chaos, and the messy imperfect genius of growing up and becoming who you are. Let’s face it, most of us can still relate to all those feelings which makes this content so resonant,” said Amy Friedman, head of kids & family programming, Warner Bros. “These projects are a reflection of our commitment to bring in more girls and teens to HBO Max and Cartoon Network with authentic, fun, courageous, and emotional stories that speak to kids lives now.”


American Girl: Corinne Tan will debut in the U.S. in December 2022 on Cartoon Network, with availability on HBO Max the subsequent day. Additional global broadcast and streaming partners are to be announced.


“MarVista is proud to join Mattel Television and HBO Max in bringing the American Girl franchise to life with American Girl: Corinne Tan. Corrine’s story really resonated with our team as an inspiring reflection of what many young adult females are grappling with today,” said Hannah Pillemer, EVP Creative Affairs for MarVista. “Set against the beautiful backdrop of a Colorado ski town, Corinne perseveres through challenging changes in her family dynamic, with help from her younger sister Gwynn and a spirited Search and Rescue pup named Flurry. What’s not to love?”


Executive producers for American Girl: Corinne Tan include Fred Soulie and Phil Breman for Mattel Television. Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer and Fernando Szew serve as Executive Producers for MarVista Entertainment with Adam Shepard as co-Executive Producer.