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Moose Toys Plans to Create More Licensing ‘Magic’ with Magic Mixies and The Legend of Akedo

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Moose Toys, a leading innovator in the toy industry, has found ‘magic’ in the licensing of its popular brands, and it is poised to do so again with Magic Mixies Mixlings, a new collectible line based on global sales phenom Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron and The Legend of Akedo, an action-packed line of collectibles that represents the toymaker’s biggest boys’ brand launch to date. WildBrain CPLG, licensing agency for the two brands, will be hosting the toymaker at its booth (#E154) during the Licensing Show in Las Vegas, May 24-26, 2022, for vendors interested in partnering with the brands. WildBrain CPLG represents Magic Mixies Mixlings in the U.S. and Canada from its dedicated North America office; the company has the global licensing rights for The Legend of Akedo.


“We are looking to WildBrain CPLG to work its magic with both of these brands to create imaginative, clever products that incorporate the inherent brand personalities of Magic Mixies Mixlings and The Legend of Akedo,” said Menal McGrath, vice president, global licensing, Moose Toys. “We’re thinking outside the ‘cauldron’ for ways to incorporate the surprise and delight of Magic Mixies. For The Legend of Akedo, with its impressive array of collectible action figures and action-packed content that brings them to life, licensed products are the logical next step and something fans of the brand will be looking for Moose to bring to the experience.”


Magic Mixies Mixlings, a mesmerizing line of more than 40 collectible figures, each with their own interactive wand and magic feature, will be supported by original content on Moose TubeSquad YouTube channel. The 11-minute Mixlings mini movie debuts on May 13; two teasers were previously released. Additional episodes can be expected in June and throughout summer.


Working together, Moose and WildBrain CPLG will develop a range of products for Magic Mixies Mixlings that infuses innovation and real magic to continue the momentum and excitement of the Magic Mixies product, which was so successful it was the No. 1 item in Special Feature Plush in December and the Fall season and continued to be through March ’22, as per NPD. Mixies also was recognized as The Toy Foundation’s Creative Toy of the Year in 2021. The Legend of Akedo with its epic warrior figures provides an expansive gallery of unique characters from which to draw ‘wild’ inspiration, including ninjas with swords, a teddy bear with a chainsaw and a big baby ruling with his gavel as well as robots, gladiators, Vikings, dinosaurs and clowns. For both brands, the initial focus for the consumer products roll out will be on apparel, sleepwear, publishing, accessories and homeware categories.


“Moose Toys delivers incredibly imaginative toys, and we have the pleasure – and fun – to develop products that are complementary in style, form and function to the distinctive characteristics that make these two brands immensely popular,” said Jasen Wright, VP North America, WildBrain CPLG. “They are a wonderful collaborative partner, and we are delighted to work with them to deliver very special products for Magic Mixies Mixlings and The Legend of Akedo.”


Licensed merchandise for Magic Mixies Mixlings will weave in key spellbinding features of the brand that will bring magic to the clothes kids wear and the everyday accessories they use.


“While we still are in the development stage, I can say for Magic Mixies Mixlings there are plans for hidden reveals, secret compartments, color change and many more magical touches,” offered McGrath.


Since launching in Fall 2021, Magic Mixies has become a global sales phenom. In the U.S., Magic Mixies is the #2 brand in Total Plush YTD, as per NPD. The toy is continuing to grow in popularity with demand for Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron at retail staying high and it has new-found celebrity on social media. The recently introduced line of Mixlings collectibles and a newly released content about the magical creatures coupled with several upcoming new product releases have the brand poised to catapult to even greater success.