PetSafe Adds Multi-Cat Litter Box to Line of Pet Waste Management Products

Multi-Cat Litter Box PetStages

Welcoming another cat to the family is easier than ever as PetSafe brand, a global leader in pet product solutions, is expanding its line of pet waste management products with the addition of the Multi-Cat Litter Box. Extra-large in size and designed for multi-cat families, the newest PetSafe litter box offers plenty of space for cats to share.


The PetSafe Multi-Cat Litter Box makes cleaning after multiple cats simple and convenient. The high sides keep cat litter inside the box and the heavy-duty metal scoop quickly scoops waste to clear up the big messes. The covered waste bin has separate, removable compartments for the litter scoop and waste to keep everything organized right next to the box, and the rubber seal on the lid controls odors.


“We’re seeing more and more pet parents add another cat to their growing families, and we want to help them properly integrate the newest member into their home and their lives,” says Jennifer Marler, PetSafe Associate Director for Waste Management. “With the Multi-Cat Litter Box, pet parents can spend more quality time with each of their cats and less time worrying about cleanup.”


The litter box uses all types of litter like PetSafe Premium Crystal or clumping clay litter, and magnets beneath the waste bin lid will keep it closed until pet parents are ready to scoop. The PetSafe Multi-Cat Litter Box is available for purchase at and major pet retailers.


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